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Natural remedies for diabetics

Onions help the pancreas produce more insulin to regulate sugar levels in the body.

What do you understand about men and women?

You are confident about what he knew at the opposite sex. Let's see what your answers have to coincide with the findings of psychologists and sociologists.

Mother's diet before pregnancy influences the genes

Food mother before pregnancy can use long-term effects on health and the genes of children later.

Children to engage in sex depression

The high school students with high depression levels will be more at risk of doing risky sexual behavior.

Groaning - how mosquitoes find their mates

The high-pitched whine of a mosquito can make you irritated, but it is music to the ears of those melodic tiny animals.

8 most toxic substances found in tobacco

Cigarettes not only contain nicotine, but also many other carcinogens such as benzene, formaldehyde, ...

Why do gorillas eat rotten wood?

After observing gorillas in Uganda for nearly 1 years, scientists have discovered why these animals eat tree wood items and licking - acts as headache researchers in every decade This period.

The letter reveals Einstein's love life

Albert Einstein and his 6 lover told his wife that they violently attacked him although he does not want. That is the information obtained in the letter recently published yesterday by the great scientist.

The secret to being taken seriously husband

Compare husband with another man's worst job. Therefore he wants to be loved and respected, you do not mistake this.

Hope for infertility from artificial sperm

The first time scientists have demonstrated that feeding human sperm from embryonic stem cells can be used to produce offspring.

Daughter had arcade will be difficult motherhood

These specialized bullied girl friends at school will easily become a bad mother.

Mushroom brings a touch mystical spirituality

An active ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms species can create sacred feelings that bring long-term positive effect.

Your personality through how to express feelings after breakup

How to terminate the relationship reveal much about who you are, a psychologist says.

What picture do you like to your desktop?

The relaxation time, you often care little for your computer screen or watching it. Thus, the image on the standby screen also shows your personality.

Found evidence 'kangaru killer'

The archaeologists were excavating in northern Australia have found fossil evidence of several new species, including a "kangaru killer".