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The painting on the wall clock

You simply attach the needle on the wall the moment is right timepiece creation, not in touch.

Sleeping in bed with a $ 1.7 million dollar flight

We all have more or less time flying in a dream. Today, thanks to the invention of the scientists, all who could pay $ 1.7 million for a new bed are guaranteed hovering overhead all night.

What color mammoths?

Coat layer of the giant mammals were prehistoric scientists identified. Some animals have tusks frizzled "presence" of dark brown wings, while the other has light blonde or blond color.

5 habits that you soon broke

You like to spend cash or use a credit card? There are many bad habits in spending do you soon run out of money.

Buddies increasingly hard to find?

A new study found more and more Americans admitted their friendship network is minimized, in which a lot of people who really do not have a trust to confide.

Farmers do robots

A month ago, Wu Yulu farmer sold the "son" alone for 30,000 yuan - about 3,750 dollars. Wu Laowu (5th son of the Wu family), in fact, a robot that Wu has hand built 10 years ago.

These fruits and vegetables helps you smarter

Meal of fish, green leafy vegetables, garlic, grape juice ... will help rejuvenate brain cells, improve memory and increase the ability to handle the situation.

Clock against drowning

It is a wristwatch by the Company SenTAG (UK) production, not only a clock but also can detect the use sinking or floating in the water.

Discovered new marine reptiles and dinosaurs

Scientists have identified a new species of ancient reptiles once swam in the ocean when dinosaurs still dominated the Earth.

6 habits cause belly fat

Or soft drink, eat when sad, angry, less eat protein, lack of sleep ... can make your waistline growing obesity.

His position in your heart

Was far from being a long vacation, you plan to travel with him, right? Then you will choose to stay in hotels like?

Syndrome Symphony No. 9

It has been like this statistic: the Beethoven, Schubert, Dvorak and Vaughan Williams as well as many other composers have died after composing symphonies No. 9.

Housing for the poor do not spend a penny

Not only engrossed composing, artist Gregory Kloehn (California, USA) also create rain sunny homes for the homeless from the junk.

The experience of Bangladesh arsenic water filter

10 million Vietnamese people could become ill because of the risk of water wells contaminated by arsenic. This unsolvable problem can be solved by experience traditional style water filter Bangladesh.

Treatment with magnets

This particular one, magnets can be used to pull the moving genes in the body, serving to certain treatments, a Swiss scientist said.