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Sisters often make mistakes when dieting

Women only think of positive things that often ignores the side effects of the diet.

Why do people often carrying fun teaching whip?

Animals have the habit of paying special attention to the activity object. So, whip swung up and down it will attract more than a small short weapons.

Pregnancy ... 55 children

A hammer shark captured last May in Florida, US, is likely to go into the guiness world record for the pregnancy to 55 children - the largest number of scientists ever encountered.

Facts you should know when dating girl

Most girls dream lover may be the ideal, but in reality it is a utopia. Everyone has flaws, including you.

Everyone has an origin kings

Actress Brooke Shields (England) has an impressive genealogy - stems from Catherine de Medici nobles, emperors and kings Harold William. Shields is also a descendant of the five popes and scholars were related to Niccolò Machiavelli.

Clone wars after the birth of Dolly

5/7 day marking 10 years since Dolly the sheep was born in Scotland, causing global sensation when the animal became the first to be cloned.

Sister spoiled because parents too love pm

What any of her demands, her parents are met, yet the phone, and money for her scooter to go hang out with friends travel.

The world champion in animals

Hundredfold heavy lifting body weight, jumping through many floors buildings, race cars ..., these capabilities can only find in super great movie characters is normal in the animal world.

The shuttle took off after several days of delay

US space shuttle leaving Kennedy Space Center this morning (now Ha Wrath), aimed at the international space station ISS in the cheers of the audience.

Why some people are not mosquito bites?

British scientists said the body some chemicals have made them less attractive smell for mosquitoes.

World's smallest soccer field

A German scientist has created the world's smallest stadium - 20,000 small to the extent that such a golf ball with the tip of a new composite human hair.

Hours of birth and personality

You are born in the morning, noon, afternoon or evening? This underlying sense of expressing your personality. Refer to the information below, you will understand a lot of interesting things.

The boy was mistaken ligation Vasectomy

To the hospital for minor urologic surgery, a patient in the UK has been tightening wrong sperm ducts.

Pumps winds through ...

Sun and wind is unfavorable in Central, but a people of Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen Province, has turned it into a useful disadvantage when making a water pump only operates using winds.

Why is there a common bird and mouse in a cave?

Can see this symbiosis on the desert steppes of Xinjiang, Qinghai (China). For example, in the snow wild mouse or pressing spiritual identity.