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Discovered 3 new lemurs

Famous is the only place in the lemur, Madagascar 3 more newly discovered species of animals including primates shy.

Truth and rumors about women's monthly magazine

In the days of "red light", women are less libido but passionate love shopping.

Throw the perfect shot

Long throw can be dangerous weapons in football. When the World Cup is taking place, Professor Nick Linthorne Brunei University, UK, explain the physics formulas behind throw the perfect shot.

Anti-counterfeiting technology Datadot

Datadot is a synchronous system to identify and determine the assets and helps organizations and enterprises protect brand products. Australia's new technology was introduced this morning in Hanoi.

Signs friendship is turning to love

You can not stand if his absence. If a day goes by without him, you feel like there's something wrong. That right is a sign of love.

Discovered ancient wreath in the tomb of Egypt

Archaeologists in Egypt is hoping to find a mummy while excavating a tomb in Luxor, the room instead discovered a large wreath.

Decor Bedroom

Master bedroom helps relax, recover energy after a hard working day, so should designed to provide the most comfortable feeling.

Magical beauty of the coral reefs of North Pacific

Explore at 90-600 meters depth off the coast of Washington state, a remote probe sent to the Office of Hydrology, Meteorology and American images of a sea coral ecosystems incredible depth. Here are the most impressive creatures.

Handheld helps blind people read newspapers

National Federation of the Blind America has announced a breakthrough device - reading machine for the blind. The handset will be photographed and read any text printing for users to listen with one click.

6 lessons from the interior design of stars

The splendid villa of actors, singers not only to watch but also help you learn some tips for designing your own home.

Manufacturing plastic from fruit

Apple juice and cereal, not oil, may be the raw material for certain types of plastics and pharmaceuticals in the future, thanks to a new chemical process by American scientists launched.

Step counter is to find the way home

The researchers have found is to use a biological pedometer to find their way home without fear of getting lost.

The test helps predict longevity

The researchers used three simple tests on people aged 53 to predict who is likely to face the risk of premature death.

Money not necessarily buy happiness

High wages can help you have a more luxurious holiday, bought the car new life, and widened several bedrooms, but it will not necessarily buy you happiness.

Elephant meat - specialties of ancient people

The discovery of bones and ivory from 400,000 years ago in the UK demonstrates the ancients who harvested whale for food.