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Being parents who objected to leave his wife for love

We know each other through the heart of his words about his family life. Meanwhile he has divorced his wife, daughter in with her.

Dodo bones reveal past

A team of paleontologists has discovered Dutch determining the bottom half of a doo, flightless birds with extinction ever since.

World's oldest tortoise dies

176-year-old tortoise, is considered one of the oldest creatures in the world, has died at the Australia Zoo.

Sperm created from skin cells

US scientists can create early stage sperm from the skin cells, opens a new hope for the treatment of male infertility.

Message from email

Email can reveal personality who write, ask yourself "pulse" themselves from these signs.

Why giraffes do not dizzy?

Only 1 or 2 seconds, a giraffe can lift its head up in the air from the ground to a height of 4.5 meters, and never stunned.

New Radar 'invisible' to the detector

US researchers have invented a new radar system can hardly be detected because its signal similar to random noise. This radar can be used for military purposes and the police.

The evolutionary process of 'little boy'

Compared to other primates, "small boy" of mankind is the largest in terms of size. Why?

Solid detection discoloration

A snake has the ability to change color has been found deep in the jungle in Borneo, Indonesia.

Birth order affects sexual orientation

If you're the youngest son in a family of many brothers, you are likely to be ... gay. This stems from the mother, not because of the environmental impact.

Deadly respiratory syndrome SARS spread seeds

More than 400 cases of infection were recorded deadly virus causing respiratory syndrome MERS Middle East, said to be a relative of SARS.

British and Chinese people do different math

Thinking of native English speakers different from Chinese users do native language. Both are easy to solve the problem of arithmetic, but use different brain areas.

Football won praises as orgasm

Football fans Henrik Gerdin is most satisfied man. His team has scored in the last minute of the game, helping him win the bet and push his heart rate exceeded orgasm.

Balcony more interesting thanks to small changes

You can still relax, enjoy the moments of comfort in tight spaces if you know how to organize.

Being watched makes people more honest

Forget the installation of surveillance cameras discreetly, British researchers have found a simple solution and a lot cheaper to deal with petty theft victims - it is a photo eyes.