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Bend the paper itself

Korean researchers have invented cellophane curved gilt when charged. Thanks to this feature, it can serve as engines of paper fluttered in the air, insect robots or smart wallpaper vocalize.

Well ancient lore and treatment for mothers took milk

Located in the village of Cam Lam (Duong Lam commune, Son Tay, Hanoi), the well was circulated potentially help cure takes milk for young mothers.

Reproductive morphology of exotic orchids

Scientists have discovered a species of orchid never need partners reproduction - it can fertilize themselves with an action unprecedented in the world of flowers.

Fish hire hygienists like?

In the human world, sneaked neighbors are showering is not all that fun thing, but in some species of fish, rude scouting their neighbors to get the information back vital importance.

Statistics narrow bedroom furniture

If wider getaway just 10 m2, you still have a way to arrange a comfortable bedroom and beautiful.

Oldest spider web world

A silk sheet with trapped insects are still intact there, was found in a piece of amber in Spain. What is amazing is that it dating 110 million years, the dinosaurs.

Do not use cell phones when rainstorms

Lightning that threaten those who use mobile phones to go outdoors thunderstorms, British doctors warn.

6 things women always misunderstandings about men

Women believe that they know everything about men, but actually not. Some of the most basic qualities of men are often misunderstood or sister being ignored.

Interesting insect world

Bees have feathers in the eye. You prone to bee stings in a windy day than on any other weather conditions. The only insects that can rotate 360 ​​degrees as mantis head.

The food is bad for your health

Whether it's to lose weight or keep a healthy body, here are foods you should avoid.

Jewellery world's oldest

The oldest piece of jewelry created by man has been the researchers discovered. They consist of 3 buildings dating seeds 90000-100000 age.

Jeans environmental damage What size?

"Please tell me you use your jeans like, I will tell you that you have contributed to environmental harm our planet at a certain point."

3-year-old baby still pee beams each night

My son turns 3. When I nap for 2-3 hours, not nocturnal enuresis but just does pee beams.

Hubble observatory camera stops working

The most basic instruments on space observatory Hubble muted old over the weekend, stop providing wonderful images of distant galaxies and the stars newborn. The engineers are investigating why.

Guo revealed ancient pyramids in Cairo

Egyptian archaeologists have found two ancient sarcophagi dating back 2,500 years, is situated adjacent to the Great Pyramid of Giza.