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Simple rules to avoid skin cancer

Harshest sun from 10 am to 16h pm. Therefore, you should minimize direct exposure to the sun during this time period.

Loving means not nose

In an experiment to test the evolutionary origins of disgust response, researchers at the University of Washington, USA, has asked 13 mothers smell dirty diapers 13 pairs not labeled.

The trick to survive in icy waters

Antarctic waters right click somewhere slightly above freezing temperature, but that did not stop the fish conquer the cold deep.

Friable men very idea of ​​sex

When sitting opposite each other talking for 5 minutes, the man will always tend to assign sexual thoughts for her beauty and said that his interest, but the reality is not quite so.

Coming soon cure measles

Scientists have successfully tested a new drug on CDV infected ferrets, similar to the measles virus.

Lambs get mom in the crowd in any way?

Scientists in France have given evidence to support what the shepherds have intuitively known for thousands of years: the Sheep be be the most and loudest has the best chance of survival.

'Eye kite' crime observed in the city

US police have put to the test a device capable of observing from on high that the earth did not see. The unmanned aerial vehicle, which looks like a remote control toy of children and weighs about 2.3 kg.

22 years old suffering from long foreskin

Kids 22 years old this year. My foreskin covering the entire length and "penis", while right hand erect pulldown.

Modern lifestyle makes women difficult to conceive

The combination of stress, diet and rigorous exercise can seriously affect reproductive capacity of women.

Why the lightest cane tops?

Plants are a characteristic this: created nutrients, except for their part consumed to grow, while the majority is stored back, where storage is largely original.

Save money by fixed furniture

No need to spend money to buy tables, chairs, cabinets bed, but you need to consider when choosing the type of furniture attached to the wall or floor.

Modern elevators in the world

Everyone wants to use their elevator fastest moving and not stop the middle tier, while the tall buildings do not have much space to install large numbers lift.

Disbanded violence by 'gun tape'

The crowd of protesters extremists often make the police had to use force. However, that power must be at least dangerous. Recent inventions in this field can prevent the crowd unrest which did not cause injury to the participants.

7 Ways to a new day full of energy

Those who habitually sleep on the right often dream of joy, serenity and love, easy to relax, less discomfort when they wake up.

Medication reconciliation conflicts spouses

Additional small amounts of hormones which help women relax during childbirth can significantly reduce the stress on the couple arguing.