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Found 'fossil' live rock rat

It has been photographed a mouse kicked in Laos - organisms that scientists believe is the only survivor of a group of ancient rodents.

5 signs that he bored you

He was not initiated on holiday destinations, weekend or not notice the words you say.

Why the heat to evaporate the ice cream?

This is mainly related to the change of temperature very fast. Summer air temperatures above 30 degrees generally, but ice cream is just below 0 degrees.

Women are more likely than men to live alone

Women accept single life easier men. A study on the company network Parship performed in 8 countries in Europe have shown such.

Lotus seeds good for dieting

There is a rich nutritional content but less saturated fat, lotus seeds are considered a leading diet food.

Choose the sport by date of birth

The suggestions below will help you find the sport that suits you this summer.

Personality via handshake

Standard handshake opponent is holding hands with a moderate force, the period from 1 to 5 seconds. Using force posture and long or short time are accurately expressed clear and different emotional states of the handshake.

The way a lot of family photos hanging on the wall

Daily look at photos of parents, children and loved ones will make you feel more meaningful life.

You understand employees to where?

The understanding between the employer and employee have a large effect on work performance as well as the success or failure of the company. If you are a leader, you should know the approach to understand their employees are thinking.

Disable device cameras

The researchers have built a prototype device disabling effects digital camera. The future, this type of device can prevent thieves from taking a certain distance, and even the secret footage.

The secret to quickly get pregnant when the couple met at

Brother and wife have a baby intend second from 10 months. My husband works away from home, about once month.

Discover through the birth father

Birthdays can help you understand the thinking and actions of the father. Discover more about your beloved father.

Fast way to have a baby

When you are ready to become parents, nothing more frustrating and impatiently waiting to get pregnant. So to increase the chances of the baby, you can apply the following way.

Risks queen mother

Mating means to pay the price, though there is the queen away. The young queen leafcutter ants to play gamble their health in exchange for the opportunity to be successful long-term fertility.

Diseases by electronic nose sniffed

Soon, the doctor can examine the patient with a "nose" for electronic discovery that the body of a strange smell when they liberated a disease or health condition in particular.