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Birth goal goals

Household mathematicians football fans proved one of the classical theory of football that, when a team scored, "flood discharge gates" will open, which means they will quickly go to victory with a series goal.

Artificial turf soccer field will return

A long time, artificial turf has been viewed as a poor substitute for real grass. However, efforts by the researchers makes it possible to step into professional football, and people are even thinking of the possibility of using the upcoming World Cup in 2010.

Arranging space for rest and relaxation family

Public space, spa and gym room is a place for owners can rest, relax.

Sperm have also become slightly

Like a guy threw his head to sniffing the scent of a beautiful people, the sperm cell head swung around to discover the faint scent of a sexy eggs.

These men concealed secret wife

Men are not good at keeping secrets. There are many things they do not want to reveal to the other half. The following things you will never hear from her lover's mouth.

Stephen Hawking writing children's books

Famous physicists plan to the world his daughter to write a scientific book dedicated to children. The story will be akin to "Harry Potter", but there is no magic in it.

Why the hate goalkeeper of the World Cup ball is new?

In the opening match of the World Cup, German midfielder Torsten Frings has scored an impressive goal from distance to 36 meters. Initially balloons and sudden twists straight right in the last 10 meters distance.

Women with large hips easy one-night stand

These women are more likely to appeal to hip men and are more likely to go through more than one night.

The most dangerous sport in the US

Many mothers may worry when their children play football, but a new study shows that playing basketball and cycling is sending Americans to the most emergency room in 2005.

Equipment warn drivers exceed speed

An Australian company has developed a system that warns drivers when they exceed the speed allowed. Equipment could also help parents control their children's driving.

Our house forced her husband to divorce when both register

They said, if we do not divorce, they will go to the agency he said everything, so he had to lose face, but quitting.

Found an ancestor of modern birds

The strange fossils 100 million years old found in China with bones, fur and the pads of the feet has proven today birds evolved from waterfowl.

Music technology in toilet

A US technology company has invented a device that combines mobile music player with a toilet paper roll bar.

The simplest way to refresh Bed

Instead of buying new, you just need to change the head of the bed is enough to make the space more realistic resting.

Ancient people also aesthetic orthodontics

Thousands of years before the movie star beauty enhanced by editing the teeth, the ancient Mexicans knew fitting the dentures in the rituals.