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Swans like adultery

Swans have long been seen as a symbol of eternal love and fidelity. But in reality, the Australian researchers found they are amorous guys bluff, often fled from the nest to "lunar wind" outside.

Australia is raising heart tissue

Australian researchers have successfully raised the heart tissue in the lab, which is considered the first breakthrough in the world could lead to the creation of entire human organs.

The bitter foods have health benefits

Most people do not know that more bitter foods into the diet is the way to remove toxins and cleanse the body naturally.

The world's oldest computer Roman times

The size of a shoebox, a mysterious bronze device is removed from a Roman shipwreck in the early 20th century has puzzled scientists for years.

Tiny dinosaur discovered in Germany

A dinosaur with new small body was unearthed in northern Germany.

Holiday experience not technology

Have you ever been stressed by dozens email or innocuous information on social networks? Try the "disconnected" to give yourself a real chance to rest.

Create ball lightning in the lab

Ball lightning - glowing fireballs move slowly mystery often appear in the thunderstorm - was created in the laboratory of the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Germany.

New materials such sensitive skin

US scientists are building a tactile sensor capable of responding to pressure and surface smoothness equivalent real finger. This breakthrough opens the way for the future creation of such sensitive robotic arm hands.

Parents headache heartbroken when her daughter

My daughter was 22 years old, is a primary school teacher in Vinh City, Nghe An. Recently, I was distressed and desperate for love is not accepted her boyfriend's parents. My reasons are the poor.

Rediscovered breeding rare species in the Congo giraffe

Conservationists said they were delighted to obtain convincing evidence of the existence of a rare creatures like giraffes in Virunga National Park, Congo, in areas crushed by the conflict pants bloody raid.

Bred hypoallergenic cats

The hypoallergenic cat first in the world was born using the technique of American Scientists, open houses and arms of millions of animal lovers, but so far suffered from this condition.

Kiss has infected HIV

The man had not been infected with HIV while breast and tongue kissing woman carrying HIV virus? (Huh).

Why men tend to drink beer while watching football?

World Cup fever is sure to bring to the perspective of the men gathered together and gulping beer and shouting. The researchers said that in fact the behavior stems from feeling less confident about their masculinity.

What are your flowers?

Star Gemini with roses, stars Aries with lilies ... Why Every offer has a separate personality and match different types of flowers.

9 from the bottom of the bed layout map

Many concepts should not map too much inventory around the bed, but many families prefer the bed furniture layout.