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Are new relationships keep lovers

Please let me ask if sex is a condition for people who love my daughter?

The calculation for the premature baby's age

Children born on 19.05.2013, sooner than expected about 3 months (as expected baby was born on 08/25/2013. So how about her months old is this?

Discovered the gene which causes young video game addiction

Gene "violence" to get children addicted to games such as drug addiction and may be related to the syndrome attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD).

Penthouse townhouse style of Bat Trang giants

An entrepreneur in Bat Trang (Hanoi) owns 7-storey building, of which 4 office floors. Homeowners want the whole house performance posted to 3 upstairs to get a clear view.

8 steps to hair grow faster and smoother

Many people believe that a daily shampoo will make hair grow faster and smoother. That misconception because if too much shampoo, hair dry and prone to fracture.

The great thing when dating older men

Many people believe that, in love age does not matter. In fact, dating older men bring many different things.

Girl injured private parts because depression drug

Woman gets clitoral erection during 5 days after taking antidepressants. Her extreme pain and unable to stand or walk.

Guestrooms fit in the family for generations

The tables carvings, ceramics harmony jar with sofa and rug Continental thick fur.

12 reasons to eat chives

Chives rich in fiber, promote good digestion, eliminates the risk of constipation. Also, vegetables contain many nutrients beneficial to health.

The secret of smart wife

A great marriage depends on many factors. But the most important factor is the woman.

Although I only insult husband visited her former lover

I feel divorced former lover should ask interested, occasional message of encouragement and we were there a few times for coffee. My husband knew, did insult me ​​terribly, no words to say.

7 men enjoyed kissing style

More than ever, kiss French kiss is always most fascinated with all men. They would go crazy for girls not afraid to use his tongue and try to bite his tongue slightly before letting go.

There should set the bar perpetual indoor plants

Perpetual bar scene is usually placed plants in the family, at work. However, recent rumors hazardous trees and has no effect feng shui.

Luxury villas for family 3 generations

The blend of three living generations: grandparents, parents, and children are a culture's longstanding Asians in general, people in Vietnam in particular.

Help children cope stock pee beams

Parents should not himself, nagging, teasing or telling stories to other children pee beams. This will cause them stress, shame and make the situation worse.