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Ancient calendars basking in Peru

Archaeologists have discovered a project is considered a giant prehistoric calendar, made sculptures arranged in circle, at the temple in Buena Vista Report, Peru.

The room was packed in a box

Folding cabinet bed does not stop, the designers also think of ways to integrate both the living room, kitchen in a wooden box.

Super soldier with the edge information processing

Instead of looking at the customs desk and portable audio devices to direct, special divers can process the information through their own tongues, hands, and eyes so completely frogmen are caught nothing .

Playing golf in space

A Russian astronaut will hit a golf travel 3.2 billion kilometers in space from the International Space Station.

Should decorated indoor antiques

The grave gifts, coins, antiques unknown origin ... should not be presented in the house, especially the bedroom, study corner.

Are you entrepreneurial?

Not the environment, education or the impact of the family, which is genetically determined you have the ability to become entrepreneurs or not.

Why dirty snow to melt before?

The snow melts fast or slow is the ability to absorb heat from the sun more or less. Dirty snow, because the feature is not pure, so easy to absorb solar light and heat than clean snow, so more easily dissolved.

Permanent fear of men about sex

Many men wonder whether your sex life like most normal people do not. They also fear his wife would "cuckolded" himself.

From friendship to love

Do you think at some point, dear boyfriend would be the ideal lover. You do the following test to see if two people are ready to move beyond friendship yet.

DNA revealed a descendant of Genghis Khan

Tom Robinson, an American, has long wondered about his family tree. However, he never thought that the ancestors of the family back in the headlines ever Mongolian steppe.

Reasons why the silent husband

Wife say too much, the wife refused to listen, his wife always found true conservatives ... are making bored husbands do not want to talk to.

Women are more likely than men itch

Gene and gender can affect scratching needs of each person.

Consider others when making decisions for themselves

When faced with a difficult decision in relation to health, imagine that you are doing it for a friend instead of himself. This will help make the choice easier.

Re-export creatures thousand feet

An extremely rare species have 1,000 legs appeared for the first time in 80 years.

Horse riding helps reduce stress for teens

Spend time and equestrian care can reduce the level of stress for teens.