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Libido depends on genes

You have sexual passion is high or low in part inherited from parents. The finding could change the look of the psychology of sex.

The secret to drink without getting drunk

Please swallow a tablespoon dry yeast before drinking alcoholic beverages.

Plywood production plant from waste

Tran Phuc in the city of Da Lat (Lam Dong) has researched and successfully produce plywood factory from coffee husk, dry pine needles, corn fiber, rice hulls ... The production line includes plywood factory grind the waste, mixers, presses and cutting machines products.

Why when there are strong winds reignited?

It is often said that when the winds are easy to fire, in fact, fires often lead to strong wind.

6 things every man wants to 'love'

Many girls wondered what time he really wanted to do it. Suggest some things every guy wants sex when offline.

Explore from ... Bed

Bed is the most private place of each person, so every personality, for any reason, the remaining hidden during the day, it will automatically "not hitting that open" at night. Do you notice how often he or she do her?

Butterfly makeover deep into how

The researchers have identified a "hormone triggered" - responsible for activating the process of molting in the caterpillar to become a beautiful butterfly.

The mother of the child with a disability

This year 20 children with intellectual disabilities in Truong Dinh ward (Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi), Nguyen Thi Coi call her mother.

The human body - a hydraulic plant

To make sure a person is dead or not, the ancients put a mirror in front them. If you see water vapor is not deposited on the mirror to know he had died. Steam escapes from the lungs, is the last witness of the living activities.

Birthday and artistic beauty

Do you believe your birth date affects preserving beauty. Jeena Mitra esthetician and astrologers Banik Harsh Khiraiva Indians made 9 tips with everyone's birthday in May.

There should buy ipad primary infant

My nephew was in 5th grade, loves iPad Mini. I am wondering whether to buy him or not. Please consultants help. (Satisfied)

The legend of 'the day of the devil' 6/6

In the Western countries with the majority of the population is Catholic, the number 666 is considered the figure of the devil. This year, on 6/6/2006, to the mysterious figure of 666, what would happen? Naturally be a bad thing because what is relevant to what the devil is there as well. But not everyone is like that


Audio-visual system called Voice operates under the principle transfer images obtained from a camera into audio describe things, the phenomenon that helps blind users visualize everything around.

Multiple discharge when heated in person

Kids 22 years old this year, health is normal, but when hot people, I have more white blood diseases are out.

The vision of the eye

People with normal eyesight standing on the ground could see big trees or houses 1.6 km away. If the weather is clear, on the sea, the ship could see 16-25 km away. If standing on top of mountain, the eye can reach 320 km distance of the four sides.