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The boy was reconstructed skull shuttle material

Lost part of the skull after falling from a hotel balcony in Thailand, 32 year-old British boy has been reconstructed skull with a metal plate similar to the material used in the shuttle.

Strange photos: 'The Extraterrestrial' in the gizzard of birds

X-ray photograph of a duck has revealed objects like faces an extraterrestrial in its gut.

Returns voice for Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa's smile has long remained a mystery, but now one can hear her voice, thanks to an audio expert Japanese.

Sister surrogate sister

Chemotherapy cervical cancer is painful at Siobhan Terry knew he could not continue to give birth. But motherhood dream again of her sister she was turned into a reality.

Guess his heart through the gift

Do you want to know he intends to marry and live with him for a lifetime? To do this, think about the first time he's your birthday. He gave you something?

Paved with rubber tires

He has just launched a project to combat traffic congestion, with approximately 14,500 km renovating rails removed by paving over it made of plastic sheets shredded rubber tires.

Common questions about the pill

When the pill, there are questions you find difficult answer because it's too personal, or genre rare, see answered here:

Uncover the secrets of the Valley of the Kings

Hope of finding a royal mummies in the Valley of the Kings was raised this week when a small gilded sarcophagus exposed in the mysterious room called KV63.

Hidden world of caves missing Israel

Israeli scientists say they have discovered a prehistoric ecosystem from millions of years ago that scientists had never known.

Why frog clinging on slippery surfaces?

The mystery about the possibility of adhesion on the slippery surface of the frogs were the scientists decoded.

A little between menstrual blood

I had a boyfriend. The close time boyfriend, gestures of tenderness, I quickly translated in "her".

Lunch makes people sleepy

Siesta is not only a tradition in some countries. It was reflex biological lunch.

Why fly in flocks of grasshoppers?

Bible once described them as an insect epidemic in the wind surfing and clean cup everything in the land of Egypt. Now, scientists have figured out the exact moment when a flock of locusts chaos become a united, organized and sometimes horror.

Error prone girlfriend while dating

Sometimes you do not understand why he had not left me a private message or emotion not reach anywhere. Maybe you already have one of the following errors:

Decoding mysterious hot water freezing faster than cold water?

An American scientist has discovered the mechanism of Mpemba effect - known after a Tanzanian student named Erasto Mpemba noticed that his formula for making sugar cream will freeze more quickly if it is original hot milk.