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Robot flexibility as heliotrope

Researchers are developing a robotic arm with a flexible variety heliotrope, can work as a real phenomenon in the note tightly around his bulky loads.

Decorated bathrooms are small

With small houses, often melding employer bathroom and toilet, arranged in a narrow space.

'Wings' put away skydivers 200 km

A new system of military though equipped with wings on his back will help the parachutists fly up to 200 kilometers from where the jump. Thus, military aircraft can drop soldiers into the target area without flying too close to the danger zone.

Football helps men show emotion

Sport king made rough men must also reveal the most vulnerable part of his people.

6 Health concerns usually occurs in summer

Summer is the season of vacations, but also the period of time can bring asthma, ear infections, itchy hands, legs ...

Why eating pineapple must put salt?

After eating pineapple pieces do not put salt, your mouth and tongue numbness burning, it is because the gut is not the pineapple has a lot of sugars and vitamin C, but also a catalyst.

Sweet memories over time

When the memory of important events in your life, such as breakup or married, we often reduce negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, and recall more positive emotions.

City garden villa owner's personality

City garden villas fit the homeowners love the generous, subtle, less detailed, but focus on the depth of space.

Female skeleton discovered in Rome history

Italian archaeologists excavated Roman found the complete skeleton of a woman who lived 3,000 years ago.

Special shower Airplane

It is interesting and refreshing if the shower on a long flight or a bus trip cross country. But the problem here is that any car can carry enough water is too large and too heavy so.

'Penis' The bigger the risk the greater adulterous wife

The proud man, and often considered "small boy" extravaganza is a symbol of sexual power men. But the facts prove the opposite.

Got up after a fall

Walking down the street, unfortunately you encounter something, rubbed down, the furniture in the shed splash bag. However, the way you stand up after a shot "mallet frog" front desk galaxy population will show how to live and your bravery.

Note safe for children to play festival

Before children go out crowded places, should teach him to memorize the names of the parents, address, contact telephone.


Indian summer is famous hot sun, the temperature sometimes up to 44 degrees C. If too much outdoors without protection can damage the skin, the skin and even cause illness.

Turn trash into fashion products

Plastic materials increasingly popular, but persistent attribute of it is also a serious problem for the environment. India is the plastic waste pollution in the world seriously, Non-governmental organization sought Conserve recycling plastic waste to make useful items.