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Excavated Roman city submerged

Egyptian officials were willing to make an underwater discovery to learn about a Roman city was underwater Mediterranean.

Simple movements help to remember

Clutching his right hand formed a fist and thrusts will help you easily remember the phone number or more shopping lists.

Interesting animals

Flamingoes himself without beautiful pink plumage. We get this graceful appearance is thanks to food - a blue algae transformed into pink during digestion.

Regardless of color by hand

Sergei Fetisov, a visually impaired people in the city of Vladimir, Russia has a special ability: distinguish colors by touch. In addition, he can "see" a person's aura and know where that person was hurt.

4 things in men that she desires

A t thundering voice warm and masculine always impressed transmit power and domination.

Measure your inhibitions

Not everyone can control her emotions when popular rage. This is the weakness, can help us understand the character portion of others.

The truth about men

Men list has been put on the shoulder a lot of obligations, including the obligation to always be strong, stable, must be prop for you. 10 points together with the following answers given to completely different conclusions.

Sixth sense - who more than anyone?

At a maternity home, many people are turning 10 seconds of footage of the baby is crying, then screening for pregnant women to see and go mute. The result is that most mothers are easy to guess the baby is hungry, sore or tired.

Comfortable living in the house 40 m2

Although the home has a lot of furniture but a large shelf system has helped the apartment tidy and beautiful.

Tropics expanded since 1979

From the satellite temperature data collected between 1979 and 2005, US researchers calculated that Earth's tropics have extended the two latitude, equivalent to 225 km.

All odorless

A group of students of the Indian Institute of Technology has manufactured the product very useful in the summer, which is odorless socks. These socks will not be bad, thanks to the anti-bacterial substances they put into the fabric of all.

Gonorrhea in the throat afraid because each 'love' oral

Kids 20 years old, each oral sex, but stopped two years ago. In children with floating particles throat.

People who eat in their sleep

Leaving the bed at midnight, rushed to the kitchen in search of food and then eaten voraciously while is sleeping. It is the unusual story of her girls Amy Koecheler 22 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Want contraception after unprotected relations

Kids and girlfriends had first sex, but do not use safety measures.

Color with your outfit

Every so often the appropriate supply with a certain color. You can rely on the following suggestion to choose a color that suit your personality.