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La la mirror with natural racing

Cloned organisms belonging to the first horse in the world will challenge people to their natural brothers in the race next month in the Nevada desert.

Lupus erythematosus may cause infertility

Kids 23 years old, with a history of systemic lupus erythematosus disease, were treated for more than a year. New Kids married for 4 months, but has yet to see the children.

New solutions for fusion reactor

The physicists claim to have solved a problem of common in the fusion reactor - the solution is seen as a clean energy source, cheap, safe and almost infinite future.

Laser Mine Detection

Lighting can be a simple and effective way to detect the ticking time bomb, the researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US, declared in his invention.

There are lovers still prefer sex with prostitutes

I already have a boyfriend and we were often related. But recently I like strange feeling to go find prostitutes without using condoms.

Urine is medicine?

The main drink their own urine affordable really good for your health? Several weeks ago, a British climber named Paul Beck found in exhaustion in a mountainous region in Spain. He survived by drinking his own urine.

You in the eyes of employers

This is a general quiz is used most often in parts of the recruitment companies and large corporations worldwide.

5 health benefits of thyme

Thyme is delicious vegetables and have healing properties. It works to treat abdominal pain, diarrhea, arthritis, sore throat and other diseases.

Solar roof tile collection

Another type of roof can absorb solar energy to heat water and generate electricity has been an Australian industrial designer invented.

Why women talk a lot?

The book Why men do not listen and women can not see the map of Allan and Barbara Pease Pease explains the paradox between the sexes in terms of psychology. Accordingly, said many obvious is a characteristic of women.

15 year old man clean trash village wells

At the age of 81, Yen Nguyen Duy Hoang Mai village, Hoang Van Thu Ward (Hoang Mai District, Hanoi), still regularly twice a day trash wells.

Mice that do not follow the laws of genetics

For the first time, scientists have found mice can pass on traits to offspring even if the pups did not inherit that gene.

New theory to become invisible

A material that can alter the path of light and other types of radiation around an object. The researchers said that this will be the new solution to make objects invisible.

The romantic room with pink Kitty

Kitty cute cat She is an inspiration to the interior living space creates poetic.

Basket boat buoy against storms

Also the traditional basket boats of fishermen but is fitted pontoon boat becomes a means to help students when caught in a storm at sea. It is the brainchild of engineer Nguyen Xuan An, Chairman of Vietnam gem.