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Benefits of yoga healing rooms

Yoga helps to improve symptoms of memory loss, reduce the pain in the back.

30-year-old man in the form of boy

30-year-old young man Gao Xiang looks exactly like a little boy, especially when he sang with his childish voice.

Malaysia will be the first astronaut in 2007

Yesterday, the agency in charge of Russian arms exporter Rosoboronexport signed a contract with the Malaysian Ministry of Defence for sending an astronaut to the country's international space station ISS, in the fall of 2007.

Moves mountains 100 km in half an hour

A mountain near the border of Montana - Wyoming (US) each moved 100 kilometers in just 30 minutes in a horrific disaster could be repeated elsewhere in the world, scientists revealed.

The rollaway bed in no area

If the cramped, you consider choosing this option may be a little hard though waking up.

Orangutans and chimpanzees farsighted

Orangutans and pygmy chimps (bonobos) also said planning for the future. A new discovery by scientists questioned the idea that the only creatures who can think for tomorrow.

Smart devices in the kitchen

Within a few years, the housewives can totally relax, because the robot has assumed much of the tedious work in the kitchen.

The reason you fail to meet

Introduce him / her with a beautiful friend and so much better than her, trying to exploit all the information about the enemy like an investigation ... is susceptible to mistakes.

When animals become military weapons

The scenario seems like a fiction film: a cockroach is controlled by radio will crawl into the room of a secret meeting and transfer images and information from this by a tiny camera. This idea became so attractive, scientists have decided to "transfer" it from the film to life.

Vali manually move

Understand the suffering of the transit passengers for hours at the airport which entail heavy luggage, designer Peter Yeadon Americans have devised suitcase Fido can go all around like an uncle loyal dog.

Breastfeeding helps prevent heart disease

Those who are only breastfed for a short time facing a higher risk of heart disease as adults.

No rail train

This type of train without wings as well as any kind of wheels do, nor run on magnetic cushions. We run high above, every meter above the ground. It was a revolution in the design, manufacture and operation of trains.

What is most important

Do you like the story opens up many different options. Read the story below, answer the question at the end of the story according to his own conception. The answer will reveal something about the character and your conception of life.

Eating mushrooms can fight cervical cancer

Mushrooms can prevent cervical cancer, mushroom extracts have anti-virus effect and slows the development of tumors.

Every child can prophesy and telepathy

According to some scholars, all newborn babies are endowed with the capacity of at least 7, including the ability to see the future and telepathy. However, two special ability to disappear without a trace within 6-7 years later.