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Stress and eating more proteins that cause bad breath

When stressed, the sympathetic nervous system is activated, causing the body to reduce the production of saliva, making our mouths dry up and odors.

Feng shui trends affecting dating

Benoit Hug and Ines Beyer who believe in feng shui. Hug is the baker, when put the petals in the bedroom, he still single. Three days later, a woman dating him right.

Computer alarm for miners asleep

Australian researchers are developing a computer system can track the status of the miners and notify the manager said he had signs of fatigue.

How to care for women after Caesarean

If the pain exceeds tolerance levels, women should take painkillers because drugs do not affect milk quality. Date of birth, women should eat thin, then can eat special.

You can understand his mother's womb?

Our mothers, who are pampered, pampering children, others hard, stern. These characteristics also partially affected by the zodiac. Be understanding of his mother through her birthday.

Why fruit pests meet the fast nine?

On the same plant, you will notice that there are faster ripening of other fruits, especially those with insect sting results. Why?

Blood tests can detect early OA

Blood test gives hope for early detection and more effective treatment for arthritis patients, saving expensive costs of annual joint replacement surgeries.

Choose careers through personality

Every job requires a consistent personality. Some people do it very successfully, but when they themselves choose another career "lackluster" forever. So, before you decide to choose a profession to earn a living, look to your personality.

Bird parents split cubs to care

Songbirds also have their own little pet. Red-tailed black birds can immediately recognize the kids are more favorably in newly hatched male cries through demanding food, help parent birds care division for the herd.

Revealing new about sex

45% of men orgasm within 2 minutes after you start having sex, much quicker than women. Most women need 5 to 7 minutes to be able to "top".

Books and character reader

People like to read novels about love life natural affection, optimism, rapid recovery often in despair to continue to rise. Financial avid reader as hobbyists compete in an unusual way, is keen to beat others.

The power of love come from?

Helen Fisher was in love with a guy on second grade school. He's nothing special: tousled brown hair, hoarse voice and eyes negligently. Once watching his father, Helen surprised to realize he has brown hair tousled, his voice hoarse and inattentive gaze.

Paint tips personality plaid

These lines will create an impressive space, but the use of color and furnishings in the room inventory will not be simple.

Escape wire for condominiums

Equipment Company and Ping An Urban Services recently introduced products Autoland escape, to help people living in high-rise buildings can climb down when there is a fire.

'The tiny' in Indonesia is not a new species

A recent study has refuted the hypothesis that tiny human fossil found in Indonesia in 2004 was a new species. After studying the phenomenon of stunting in many mammal species, Homo floresiensis they surmised nothing less than modern humans living in austere conditions only.