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Simple habits keep your mouth healthy

Maintain moisture to the mouth by drinking at least 9 glasses of water every day. Takes a sip of water after every meal large, powerful animals in the mouth over the teeth, gums and inside the cheeks.

Male fox at home doing housework

Parental roles were swapped in a fox. The researchers found the bat-eared fox mothers go for food while the fathers stay home to care for children and janitors.

The work is nothing new this month

Hope you find a lot of joy when I read the predictions of his career this month. Because, sometimes the work attitude has a decisive impact on the results of work.

Renovating the old kitchen become leaner

In the limited space, the landlord in New York (USA) has arranged enough room for a stove, fridge and dining table for four people.

Women working at home healthier

The working mothers with steady relationships are the most healthy mothers, while women only do housework at home most prone to obesity.

Plastics makes female mice were 'masculine'

When female mice to male mice behave? When you give it uses a small amount of bisphenol A - chemicals with similar features hormone estrogen. It is noteworthy that this chemical is present in most types of boxes, cans, bottles, food containers.

Colors assigned to disclose your health

Black stool can be when you are taking iron, also can be a sign of serious diseases. If silver prove your gut so bad.

Mythical world of children

Children who have imaginary friends will have more vivid daydreams many other kids.

Detecting 'Stonehenge' of Brazil

Archaeologists have discovered an astronomical observatory 2,000 years old in the Amazon basin, located on the border of Brazil and Guyana, France.

Women often say things after marriage

After marriage, women often wished that they were unmarried. Marriage to them is often associated with compromise and sacrifice.

Dragonfly migrant birds

These tiny organisms have migrated from ancient times, but scientists still do not know much about the place of departure of most of them and that they targeted destination.

Once 140 liters of water drinking

Fast camel can drink for 2 weeks, or even longer. But when they found water, it can be both a tank of water to drink to.

Open space of 34 m2 apartment

Despite having lived in small places, but you can still create style house, fully equipped.

Why do we lie?

Everyone lied, and lied often. That is certainly no problem. So why is that? That is the way to protect self and trying to be good in my eyes and the eyes of others, experts said.

Tattooed mummy revealed in Peru

A tattooed mummy found in Peru's new. Archaeologists believe that this is one of the best preserved artifacts of civilization that ended more than 1,300 years ago.