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Basic errors when decorating small apartment

You should not choose a colored wall paint, decorate too much furniture or curtains hung too low.

Men love children always attract women

Women can feel the thoughts of men about kids on their faces and thereby evaluate the potential to become longtime partner of the guy.

Apparel discoloration

A new kind of conductive plastics capable of changing color under the effect of the electric field promises many applications, from clothing to disguise flexible computer screen, researchers revealed.

Unexpected causes can make you go hospital

Only a sudden sneeze is enough agent of some serious injuries in his back, a German study said.

Wait longer afraid medical examination of all time

For some people, US researchers said waiting time examination is the most difficult part, not at the clinic.

Girls masturbating with HIV transmission

I was female, 17 years old. Recently I was kind of masturbation in the shower. Please ask if you have been infected like HIV? How to reduce the frequency of masturbation? (Draft)

Monkey drinking divert yourself

The rhesus monkeys will drink more when they're home alone, and some children still like the end of a hard day by sipping a few cocktails.

The climate is not who killed mammoths

Mammoths and other species may have become extinct more than 10,000 years ago because of the climate mutation, not because of excessive hunting by humans, a new study says.

Childcare inflamed gums

Recently, many parents worry take me to see the child care benefit swelling, bleeding teeth. Poor oral hygiene, switch to summer weather bacteria are the reason why this disease is rampant.

Cars deformation to prop collision

The German researchers are developing a new kind of car can predict the collision from the side and quickly transformed to absorb the stabbing.

Polar bears can breed with brown bears

Hunters and scientists had suspected this possibility long ago. Roger Kuptana, tour guide in the county of Northwest, Canada, was the first to say this is really happening to the bear had been shot bizarre appearance last month - it is a cross between a polar bear and Brown bear.

Conditioning and unexpected harm

There are unexpected harm from air conditioning that few people know about. Here are some examples of its harmful effects to your body:

The cost to become a man

Do women have suffered, as well as a man equally disadvantaged. People still know women live longer than men. Now the scientists gave a very simple reason: competition makes you the man cachexia or abolished.

New monkey discovered a genus in Africa

One monkey was discovered in the forests of Tanzania High last year brought a unique characteristic that it is put in a whole new spending - for the first time within 83 years.

The father affect my career

The success or failure of each job can be located in the root type of father they had, a psychologist argues in a new book.