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Offices with unique items

Do not choose expensive furniture items, specializing in web design studio called Kosmos & Kaos (Iceland) still feels warm to the staff.

5 Ways to energetic every morning

Breakfast is essential for everyone, providing energy for the operation of a day. In addition, after one night, your body needs nutrients and food to return to normal operation.

Forest of Secrets revealed your current life

Take a sheet of paper, a pen to record your answers in each question and then compare the results.

Boyfriend can not 'over the top'

We know for 6 years and have been dating for a year. I am very happy with his love. However he was 'delayed ejaculation' and can not be on top every time you have sex or foreplay, but orgasm when masturbating.

Beautifully decorated house with tape

Just a few tens of thousand dong to buy tape colors, you can create walls, beautiful photo frame or refresh chairs, ceiling fans in the house ...

10 little known facts about sperm

The average male ejaculation 200 million sperm once. It was small, but the Warriors have a very strong destructive power.

Interesting surprises from within a women

The right and left breasts of women is shaped asymmetrical dimensions together. Approximately 82% of women actually want to touch "double mound" when relations.

Simple great afternoon fallin wife

Always holding hands, whispering something was thinking about his wife, intimate with her when in a public place ... that "other half" always feel loved and happy.

Curtains for French romantic house

Material selection is thin lace of the designers favorite uplifting style. A lace curtains will make your windows more beautiful home.

Successfully reconstructed the skull for 9 year old girl

With the method of shaping metal skull plate (titanium), doctors Vietnam Friendship Hospital - Cuba Dong Hoi was successful reconstructive surgery for skull 9 year old girl in Quang Son (Quang Trach , Quang Binh).

The direction of the condominium

Everyone thought that the entrance door, of course, will be the direction for the apartment. In practice, the apartment door Sealing air, while the living room has a balcony where picked up a lot of new natural gas and gas sites, the best direction for the house.

Houses the world's most brilliant

She is always open to Katwise welcome to visit the unique house in New York.

5 steps to help clean acne skin

One of the most effective ways to treat acne is the use of aloe vera. Aloe Vera is commonly used manufacturing skin care products due to anti-inflammatory properties.

Point C orgasm in women

Point C in women is thought the clitoris, the inspiration of the women during sex.

The food should always be in the kitchen

Tomato sauce, coconut oil, yogurt, sunflower seeds, cashews ... the food is good for health, the appetite, so you do not forget versatile storage available in the dining room.