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Children with measles should be added vitamin A

When a child has measles, increase the need for children to eat vegetables, fruits, yellow, red (such as carrots, tomatoes, pumpkins, oranges, mangoes, papaya, watermelon ...) and dark green leafy vegetables (vegetables spinach, vegetables, shrinkage ...).

Son of the world's oldest spoonbills

Researchers at the Audubon of Florida, US, yesterday announced the discovery of the oldest wild spoonbills world at Tern Key. Animals named Enrico 16 years old this year.

Do you live with yourself?

You express your feelings, how discreet, cautious or horse intestines straight? Following quiz will tell you that.

Tip money for girls

Twenties is not the time to devote wages for cosmetics, branded handbags or extravagant meals outside.

Idioms Quiz

Quizzes idiom of Baylor University (USA) is regarded as one of the most sophisticated tests to measure attitudes, emotional, practical skills and the different personalities of each person.

Smart glass wake the driver fell asleep

A new invention helps drivers know when they are not alert enough to drive will be available on the Australian market later this year.

Decor for the living room

You need to be based on the overall style of the house to coordinate the light, colors, floral motifs and a matching interior.

No signs of extraterrestrial life

A confidential report by the Ministry of Defence about the strange object (UFO) has concluded that there was no evidence of extraterrestrial life.

Smallest horses

Guinness World recently announced Mirature horses Horses are the smallest horses in the world, only 47 cm high of 35.

Little known effect of banana peel

Banana fruit is not only nutritious but also the skin of a lot of useful, such as teeth whitening, acne, anti-aging ...

View photo camera known origin

A new technique will help find a compatible digital images with the camera used to shoot it, like the kind found gun bullets match.

Antiques collected hauls in Greek seas

A Greek fisherman hauls obtained include an equestrian statue of bronze horseman and an amphora, treasures from the ancient Greeks preserved 2 millennia beneath the Aegean Sea.

10 housework or conflicting couple

Common cause of the quarrel was wet towels, forget littering, no toilet paper in place.

Dolphin also has its own name

Dolphins also communicate like humans by calling each other's names. The US researchers said these mammals can recognize each other by the separate identity.

Why is world domination?

The guests first unwelcome in any public picnic is also is. The quick feet proved their effectiveness and importance, as well as the implications of the reasons we have anywhere in the world.