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Why is about healing wounds and saw itch?

This phenomenon is common, but need to know that it is only true for large and deep wounds, even those coming from small wounds will not have that feeling.

Emotions really cold after a man's appearance

Who choked while watching a sad movie? Who is the fool to the embrace of strangers? Who was heartbroken when the marriage ends? The answer tells surprisingly well: men.

The strange coincidence

In life there are incredible coincidences and inexplicable are, then naturally people start to think of the mysterious aspects of fate.

Technology golden skin

From Nefertifi to Cleopatre, several Egyptians have transmitted nursing a secret identity for his beautiful goddess. Until the end of the 20th century, this secret newly decoded in France.

More of endangered species

The number of species of animals and plants threatened life has surpassed 16,000 species for the first time since many years.

Husband demanded a divorce because of cracking in-law

I often tell the message but he has all emotional, are not interested in you anymore, just wait a few more months will make a divorce.

The first eco-city in the world

From now to 2020, China will build 400 new cities, among them urban experiment Dongtan - "eco-city" in the world first.

Decoding mystery why tropical forests than temperate species

Tropical forest evolved twice as fast compared to their cousins ​​in the temperate zone. This may explain why the tropics have more species than the number of other areas.

'Take a selfie' can cause infertility

You "take a selfie" in grade 3 and then know that behavior is masturbation. Show em to class 8 and already know how to curb sex. Please ask if you may not be infertile? (Scallops Libra)

Why fly swatter so many holes?

If you reply to a fly caught in the wrong hole. Generally fly swatter use wire mesh, nylon mesh making should have more holes. If using plastic pieces, pieces of cardboard to make it must also pierced with holes on it.

Emotional over how to save the phone number

When the owner of the mobile phone registered to "copyright" for the heart, saving his or her number of very special significance. From there, you can guess the feelings of all suffering.

Ancient Mayan tomb in Guatemala revealed

The archaeologists were quick over the grave robbers discovered a royal burial site of the ancient Mayan jungle in Guatemala. There they found a lot of jade jewelry and a pelt from more than 1,500 reported last year.

Reasonable layout mirrors

Mirrors make a room more beautiful just helps space feel more open and wide.

Charming turtles machines

Madeline turtle robot is helping researchers learn how to make these cars better autonomous underwater.

Discovered 'your' King Tutankhamun

The genitals of the famous pharaoh Tutankhamun newly found after missing for several decades. This event can help the king became prominent in the world of the male mummy slacken atrophy.