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Guess age through red eye image

Camera maker Kodak is applying a technology - which is used to automatically adjust red-eye in digital photos - to determine the age of a person. This could be bad news for those who want to hide their age.

He dared not break up because trot brute 'cohabitation'

Because sooner or later think of wedding, so when he is convinced, he agreed to move back in with two different care facilities.

Breast tumors with microwave shooting

Researchers from the US National Institutes of Health is developing an early warning system of breast tumors, is considered safer than the old-style X-ray systems.

New processing technologies tattoo

You confused about how to handle the name tattooed ex-lover? US chemists have developed a series of intelligent color products could disappear with a single laser treatment.

Great benefit of jogging

Jogging will burn 705-865 calories / hour, reducing fat. Body to release substances happy, helps strengthen bones, less sick Classified ...

Beans do not cause flatulence

These beans are cooked with a pinch of bacteria can help people eat does not have to worry about things give off an unpleasant smell. The researchers said that in Venezuela there are 2 strains of bacteria are the key to creating beans do not cause flatulence.

Cinemas in Japan odors radiating

Cinema lovers got bored sound effects and hi-tech image will quickly be satisfied both smell, after a Japanese film distributor announced the film will screen the world's first frozen smell great.

7 things not to do after a breakup

Maybe you are in the very difficult period, hurt and angry. But do not let emotion push too far the action that you may regret later.

If the car breaks down drunk driver

26/4 days, the Association of American auto dealer announced will use the boot lock, preventing the driver started the car if the blood alcohol concentrations exceeding the prescribed. Currently, 6 regions in Canada and 43 states, US cities require vehicles to install this equipment.

Hmong restore rare breed

After years of research, so far, Institute of Animal Husbandry has officially launched production Hmong chicken - chicken wealth derives from the high mountains some northern provinces.

Love Story couple died 15 hours apart

Experiencing 70 years of marriage, my wife and specific feelings for each other Helen always romantic early days, still hand in hand both in the breakfast.

Artificial eye simulation insect eyes

US scientists have developed an artificial insect eye for the ultra-thin camera, taking advantage of Vietnam's prominent features of this type of structure.

400 dead dolphins washed ashore on the coast of Africa

Hundreds of dead dolphins have been scooped up the crowded coastal strip in the north of Zanzibar travel. The scientists surmised they were disoriented, or confused by underwater positioning system of the US Navy.

These herbs help healthy skin

Marigolds, rosemary, turmeric, aloe vera ... are very good herbs for the skin.

China cloning BSE-resistant calves

Chinese scientists announced that succeeded in cloning a cow with gene resistant to mad cow disease.