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Dangers to detox at home

In early April, a 33-year-old man at Nhat Tao Market (District 10, HCMC) has a knife stabbed the mother , brother injured by guillotine on drug addiction.

Dogs detect parasites in sheep

Australian shepherd dogs have been trained to sniff out the sheep are parasites. This ability of dogs will also be used to create a "sniffing" to detect handheld nematode worms live in sheep stomach.

Millions of years ago had a hip solid

One time, snakes had legs. The new findings also revealed at least one of them had hip. New fossil find could help scientists to mount the dark side of their evolutionary history of snakes.

Smile is a tonic for the brain

Laughing with others or even watch on TV comedy 20 minutes a day can help improve short-term memory.

Rats trained mine detection

Lola and Espejo, two mice long beard, red eyes are trained Colombian police to sniff out landmines. They belong force 6 mice were prepared to let loose on the dangerous mission.

Roundtrip universe with ... $ 99

A company in California said they may send your items into space and back to earth with just 99 dollars, in early 2008.

Diabetes dangerous than HIV

HIV no longer lifespan while reducing diabetes reduces life expectancy of 10 years, can cause heart disease, stroke, blindness, amputation.

New television technologies can force you to watch ads

In the era of TV channels move too easily as today, whether broadcasters can force viewers to watch commercials with a system that prevents channel switching? Royal Philips Electronics firm claims to be.

Chernobyl and the wonders of nature

2 nuclear disaster Chernobyl decades ago has turned into radioactive contamination where the most concentrated in the world. But life is not destroyed but which became the shelter of a large number of wild animals, like a nature reserve so.

Note before moving to a new home

Carefully preparing the altar, put the vase of fresh flowers ... will initialize the excitement for the people who live in the house.

Watering daffodils in wine

In my experience expert William Miller, director of research programs at Cornell flowers personally, to the narcissus plant not ring up high and then buckling down every day, caregivers should water the tree each wine on right.

Snake robots save lives by

With most people, snakes seem burdensome even as a threat. But Howie Choset has seen in its soft movements a way to save lives.

Maternal mother rescued H1N1 flu

Influenza A (H1N1) critical, doctors found two desperate, but finally her mother Huong Lan (Quang Ninh) also escape death's door.

Medicines gambling

Doctors have long suspected mental illness gambling, just depression and other psychiatric disorders, genetic origin. Recently, a US researchers have found evidence that the disease "poverty ladder" is spread by blood.

The first animal in space

Mankind often mentioned dog Laika - the animal is considered a pioneer in the way of life put into orbit the earth. But the truth is not only the dog, but also his many other dogs participating in this trial.