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Recognition technology fragile eggs

At the farm in the UK, a new technique was born to help poultry farmers can detect any risk eggs are cracked before being transported to packing.

Teach students about reproductive health in pregnant robot

Noelle was born in Afghanistan, California and dozens of places in between landmarks on. She is a pregnant robot exactly like truth, is being used more and more in medical schools and hospital maternity ward.

Tips to effectively use indoor warehouse

Indoor warehouse where we store the items at the next user, usually a small room, terrace, attic. However, we make it easy to make the mistake of "small garbage dump."

Excavating 'pyramid' in Europe

Archaeologists have begun excavating an area that they hope are hidden an ancient pyramid beneath a mysterious Bosnian hill - which has long been the subject of legend.

People can 'wake up' frozen after 100 years?

Scientists can invent technologies freezing cold mixture to preserve the mummies for centuries. Types of incurable diseases are now treatable if people are given "sleep" by means of artificial frozen and wakes up after scientists find effective treatment methods.

Typed by ... thoughts

Another type of computerized typewriter, with the ability to turn electrical impulses in the human brain into the characters and words can appear on the market in the next 5 years.

Shaving in stores that spread HIV

Male 19-year-old nephew. Nearly a month ago her a haircut and shave at the salon.

10 tips for a voice or

The voice is your ambassador to the outside world. It shows character and your feelings. People may judge you based on your voice, so keeping the accent is also very important.

The name makes personality

The first letter in the name of a more human expression of his personality traits. Even itself shapes of each letter had contained it. Invite your reference studies to explore the fun below your character.

Introverted person should select any profession

Kids in grade 11. Teachers, parents, and friends often comment you are introverted, closed. I also see that. Please consult your personality with the job? (Festival)

Qualities do you boss?

Everyone dreams of making the boss, but not everyone has the qualities to meet a leader plays. The multiple choice questions below will help you verify that. Check the question you think is right.

Sexy women as men confusion

What he seems as full of men (at least based on his hormone), then the appearance of an attractive woman as affecting his judgment.

Adding natural greenery for townhouses

From the color, style, decoration to bring space are subtle, modern but still close to nature.

Squid knows adjusted according to the environment character

Squid have traits are passed from parent to child. But these characteristics can also be altered by the environment.

Cows used to design instruments

Cows that take advantage of the tree or fence to keep their coats healthy smooth, proving they are not the only shit slipping whole muscle, an Australian researchers revealed.