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Use mushrooms 'tame' malaria mosquitoes

Immediately after a mosquito infected with the fungus, it immediately stops blood-sucking behavior ... It will take some water or juice, not suck blood. Another thing is the mosquitoes were infected with the fungus, we could not do for Plasmodium development.

Colors of birth

If you are born between 23 / 12-1 / 1 or 25 / 6-4 / 7, then your color is red. Just as the feeling of the people on the red, lively, fun and very sociable.

7 things men want you to speak out

Sometimes you hope that he would read his thoughts, but he did not understand and just wish you could say so.

The secret of the first flight taken into space (1)

45 years ago, on 04/12/1961, for the first time in human history, astronaut Yuri Gagarin Soviet implement historic flight into outer space lasts 108 minutes. But few know that, in order to perform his amazing feats, Y. Gagarin must be willing to accept the risks, including their lives.

The secret of the first flight taken into space (2)

When preparing to Y. Gagarin into orbit , the Soviet Union drafted a rescue scheme throughout the itinerary, except for the first 20 seconds. In this diagram, the starting stages contain dangerously unpredictable.

Beauty for mental patients

A group of student volunteers to help mental patients are treated at the Center for Nursing the mentally ill Thu Duc, HCMC, shaving, cutting nails.

The life of Red Hat crane species

According to statistics, the total number of wild red hats cranes worldwide to about 1,200 children, were listed as protected animals. In countries China, Korea, Japan, people often see cranes paintings red hat with old pine trees symbolize longevity.

10 mental disorders most bizarre

Psychiatry is one of the fields of "Struggle" and at least explored of medicine. A psychiatrist can never know for sure what is in the patient's head. There are many types of diseases, disorders and distorted evidence in different diseases. Here are the most interesting evidence.

Strange diseases that boys do not open your mouth

Doctors have yet to determine why the 10-month-old boy could not open her mouth from birth, babies frequently cause choking.

1001's self-defense type of marine animals (part 1)

From pre-emptive strategy to Passive Defense, from the use of chemical weapons on the territory ... Roadblock, sea creatures proved adept at avoiding predation by enemies and catch prey.

1001's self-defense type of marine animals (end)

There are dozens of types of buildings with various sizes pagoda roofs, beautiful shells, colorful. All have venom. It developed a unique hunting technique: using labor. A nozzle located at the tip of the screw, elasticity, reporters on the prey the venom work full prongs.

3-storey building housing nearly 800 million

The house has a split-level design, items such as desks, wardrobes, shelves Television, ... kitchen cabinets are made of concrete, wood-paneled outside so the price fell more than 50%.

Colors for Life

Colors are more powerful than we thought. It is capable of governing ourselves. Just understand the basic principles, we can use color to improve the health, life.

Sexy lion in mane

If selected, a lioness ready to throw themselves at the one guy from Chicago hirsute mane than a guy with a neat elegant outfits originating from Houston.

Each time watching TV makes children sleep deprivation 7 minutes

The more children are exposed to television as decreased sleep time.