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6 tips to increase seats for small living room

If family members or guests again, you consider some counseling when interior layout.

Where the boys disappeared

There's something strange going on in a small community in Canada are seriously polluted. The little boy a hard to find on land reserved for the Chippewa Indians in the town of Sarnia, in the "Chemical Valley" in Ontario.

The fish hold your breath for months

If you think you have been a champion in underwater breathlessly, think again. A giec fish, have close relatives with the goldfish, can live for months without oxygen.

The type of man that behaved women upset

Your other half of the virtues, but sometimes there is some action that offends you. Here's how to handle such situations in the:

Why brown land?

From space, Earth looks blue eyes and green. But if what the eye down close to the ground, you can see only brown. Color this stuff come from? It is from these species of trees, a new study revealed.

Bacteria create the world's most durable glue

Gecko, mussels and oysters must now step aside - when physicists found the owner of the most durable resins in biota, bacteria Caulobacter crescentus, specializing river clinging to the rocks.

Father is 14 years as a video re-grown daughter

Which is the filmmaker and photographer, he Frans Hofmeester made a short video recorded rapid changes of the daughter from birth to 14 years old.

Red back spider 'breathe' mates to mature

The Australian red back spider can "sniff" out the level of competition that erotic face and based on that adjust the speed of maturity.

Some reactions children may experience when drinking milk

Depending on the location, while milk, each child may experience different manifestations tolerated. Although these reactions only benign, transient, temporary, but sometimes causes unpleasant mistake parents make children poisoned milk.

Probes encountered Venus

Venus probe last European flew into orbit around the planet closest neighbors, after the long journey of 5 months.

Why bees drop 'parking cake' while flying?

Unlike co-wheel jet parked up on the fly, a few bees drop it while humming.

3 ways to show off your favorite collections in-house

Do not throw haphazard mothballed or items to your favorite, let's arrange them according to a few suggestions.

Mother to eat ... great skin

In many amphibians, mothers give children a full follicle nutrients before leaving, wear it alone care. Recently, scientists found love child amphibians in the world: the caustic flood babies on her back.

Detecting the mainland jumped species prey

Scientists have discovered a species of fish can hunt and catch prey on land. Apus Channallabes eel catfish, found in the muddy swamp in tropical West Africa.

Smoking destroys your appearance How

Cigarettes not only destroyed but also affects skin deep inside the body, destroy your DNA.