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Impress for large format graphic room

Monumental work will make the room look completely different and attractive to visitors.

Ancient pyramids in Mexico revealed

Archaeologists said Thursday they have discovered a huge pyramid of the Indians there from the 6th century under a religious church.

Flowering born as diversity is booming

The appearance of the first flowering plants 100 million years ago may have led to the outbreak of the ants, the scientists argue.

6 reasons to drink lemonade with honey morning

Lemon juice helps excrete unnecessary substances from the body. Lemon and honey has antibacterial and antioxidant is very good for the skin and overall health.

Is changing the way women think about men

What do women want in a mate? Previously, the survey shows that women want a rich guy, and men prefer a good-looking girl. Although that does not change much with men, but with other women.

Ancient people also drill teeth

Stone Age people in Pakistan were using drills made from flint to dental 9,000 years ago.

The first time the quarterfinals of Fallot surgery for children 23 days old

4 patients suffering from congenital heart defects youngest newly successful surgery at Children's Hospital 1, HCMC.

Uranus also green belt

Astronomers have discovered the 7th planet in the solar system - Uranus - has a blue belt, only the second ring was found in the solar system.

Why luminescent fish scales?

In truth and in the lower layers of skin flakes ones have distributed a lot of pigment cells and the cells light. But if only the pigment cells alone can not make the fish appear to bode so colors are.

Bedroom cool colors of the sea thanks

If you are intending to renovate getaway, why not choose the style for the upcoming summer sea.

Everest expeditions revealed many strange creatures

In the darkness of the world's highest mountain range is a hot spot of biodiversity with species of animals and plants is little known and do not appear anywhere else on earth.

Why are we twins?

There are two possibilities lead to twins: A pseudo twins or fraternal twins. The second case is the real twins, or identical twin.

Wake up early to lose weight

Northwestern University study Pharmacy Feinberg (USA) showed up early and exposed to the first rays of the day can help you lose weight.

Penguins survived when dinosaurs became extinct

New analysis of the fossil penguin world's oldest has confirmed that a few children survived the great extinction period - the period as the dinosaurs disappeared 65 million in the entire previous year.

High-tech eyewear range from telecommunications to access

A new eye glasses can move the focus from distant to near objects, presbyopia help the animal look more obvious. Products will soon replace bifocals now, and fix other eyesight problems.