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The brain begins to age after age 24

Starting at age 24, the rate of cognitive decline and our weakness. Nevertheless, we are wiser by only retaining important information.

Pregnant man is just myths

US-Vietnam movie ever mention pregnant man. Three decades ago, no one thought of it even for the purpose of entertainment. Are men begin to feel guilty when not share all the pain and hardship of women give birth?

Search for the right heart

Bracelet style to a party, your favorite ice cream ... will reveal about personality as well as your desire for your beloved half.

Note feng shui indoor planting flowers

In feng shui houses, flowers and ornamental plants can be said to be born of wealth, murderous resolve.

The power of the kiss

Passionate kiss, full of artistic nature will add passion. Insiders will not forget the feeling of romance, lightheadedness when kissed and kissed. Would you like to become an expert in this field do not?

Dinosaur has the look of turkey

Fossils found in southern Utah (USA) 5 years ago is of a new dinosaur species with similar appearance a 2.1-meter tall turkey, colorful feathers and can run 40 km / hour, live 75 million years ago.

Condominium layout 34 m2 with loft

Where to sleep upstairs ranked create space for furniture inventory.

Letters derived from nature

When you picked up a pen and write down, you do not simply create abstract drawings, which are being sketched the trees, the mountains and the horizon - what your ancestors have observed.

Telescope-eyed lobster

Lobster has become the idea to launch a new X-ray telescope in Europe. This observatory is designed to be ultra-wide field of view - like when lobsters use their eyes.

The unique chess table for living room decoration

Checkers or chess dragon appeared in the famous movie will make your home space more luxurious.

Personality via phone usage

Today phones have become an indispensable item. However, not everyone can use the same phone. To know yourself is how people via phone, do the following quiz.

Austria chameleon changes color according to the environment

An American chemists are designing a chameleon suits that with only one button can display the image properly surroundings.

Unexpected benefits as red wine

Many studies indicate that healthy French thanks to the presence of red wine in the daily diet.

The fossils marked the switch from water to land

Fossil animals found in Arctic Canada provide preliminary context of evolution of the species in the process become land animals.

Gifts for her on the way

No woman "generic". Every woman is a separate world, full of mystery. Try to sort out the confusing her own world, put them in the most typical group to infer from that that the gifts.