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Homosexual relationships have HIV transmission

I sex between men without using condoms. Both children are not infected with HIV. But I still worry when you become infected with HIV? (Understand)

Preventing joint pain cold season

In addition to limiting stimulants, avoid intense exercise, often keep the body warm, patients should pay attention additional reasonable diet.

How much hanging on the walls

With a few suggestions below, you can sort your favorite works to create a small art indoor areas.

The benefits of deep breathing

Deep breathing may help protect against respiratory problems. Deep breathing expands the lungs and strengthen lung function.

Women earn money to support their family happier

Wife couples that role will make money at risk the breakup than model husband go to work, his wife at home. It is the result of a study recently published in the journal Sociology of England.

The effect of reducing meat

The reduction of eating meat help improve overall health, reduce the risk of obesity.

Signs of heart disease women often ignore

If you can not walk comfortably, have a break while doing the daily work, it may be a sign that the blood flow to the heart is not enough.

Variable old house becomes modern

After a period of use, the house is getting old, deteriorated. Many homeowners wishing to renovate their home to become more spacious.

Warning Side effects of medications containing paracetamol

Drug Administration (MOH) has sent a written request to the registrar, manufacture paracetamol medications with active ingredients to be updated, warned the risk of serious side effects on the skin.

Love moments of gay couples

"All Love Is Equal", the project of photographer Braden Summers (USA), including recorded pictures of the beautiful moments gay couples in 6 countries, expressing the message: no matter where, ethnicity, color skin does love always equal.

Perfume suit your personality

Each lovers a perfume, but do you know what the real scent for you.

Beautiful house construction as 3D

Impressive design, the streamlined items will give you a comfortable living space and energetic like 3D perspective.

5 benefits of tears

Crying will reduce the level of manganese minerals in the body. Manganese minerals too much can cause emotional chaos.

Street style villa royal

City Mansion is a trend choices of middle aged couple after a long financial accumulation to finance a home condition.

For fulfilling family life

Became husband and wife does not mean you have to understand all about mate. A bad habit or a misconception sometimes cause ruin your relationship.