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Lubricant smart saves 100 times

American inventors have invented a kind of lubricant can form a protective film when it comes into contact with two surfaces are clenched up together. That means that the engine will require less lubricant than. Specifically, using 4.5 grams of lubricant will save more than 450 grams of lubricant often.

Rare statue painted Roman times

The head of a marble female Amazon warriors on a rock outcrop volcano Vesuvius with pastel makeup intact.

How to choose a safe Bunk Bed for baby

I have two children, a bunk bed crowded shopping should want to help save the area, but concerned because that many people say use it can be dangerous for children.

Gold processing plants from ...

Two scientists from the University of Texas, USA, to apply the principle of absorption of metal from the plant, have found a method to withdraw gold from the plant.

Just think of was also amusing comedy

When depressed, you think of watching a comedy entertainments,. A new study shows that the mere waiting to see the smiles made us feel much better.

The simplest way to turn cheap into chic cabinets

You just add a few small details help locker with simple designs become more beautiful.

International station crew change

A Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying Brazil's first astronaut and two new members of the International Station (ISS) have access to the complex universe last Saturday, two days after takeoff.

Hands identity revealed

The relationship between the shape of the hand and the personality is formed in the womb. The hand is the focal information about you as a person, as a mother, wife and worker.

Her charisma to influence how the brain man

Men find time goes faster than 3.5 minutes, and remember to talk more topics to chat with beautiful girls and sexy.

Fingerprint recounted lifestyle

Soon, the fingerprints could help police narrow the list of suspects through the provision of evidence of the owner's lifestyle that fingerprints at the scene.

Looking guess how love sleeping positions

Just look at the sleeping couple how one can guess their relationship fresh rice sweet soup or not. In particular, separate beds is also not necessarily the tragedy. It is the result of a study by US scientists has announced.

Copper water pipe causes cancer

Nowadays most people are using tap water. Scientists warn against using copper pipes to increase the risk of cancer.

Fingers speaks with sincerity

You want to know how he has treated true to yourself? Simply put, you raise your right hand out and grabbed his proposal any fingers in his 5 fingers, we will know soon.

Digital tombstone

A Dutch inventor has developed a tombstone mounted LCD screen can display images and clips.

Fry Why bad?

You might think that as soon as the newly hatched fish were swimmers. The reality is not so. When born, the larvae of fish struggling to move and survive. Approximately 99% of the fish mortality in the larval stage.