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Aerial refueling like?

There is film footage of impressive spin when two parallel planes, the other the last tanker to the other pipes. It is done like?

Underwater demining vehicles

One can locate vehicles and underwater demining newly revealed British troops. Dubbed Talisman, this implicitly means using computer software that allows it completed the mission without a guide.

Dining room before and after repair

You can refer to renovate a kitchen from old or new design from an empty space.

Cleopatra and the mystery hairstyle

Egyptian queen Cleopatra used different hairstyles a calculated way to honor the position and her power.

As handsome as easy to be promiscuous

These young men feel comfortable about their appearance will be more liberal sexual behavior, compared with the little guy more confident body image.

Blindness due to injections do facelifts

Journal of the American Medical Association Ophthalmic announced 3 new cases of blindness or vision loss in a patient nearly completely injected fillers (filler) to facelifts.

Dolphins spinning like?

Dolphins rotation had to work very hard to keep this nickname. In a spectacular leap into the air, they can turn around to 7 rounds. Now scientists explained the mechanism by which acrobats and mathematical modeling underwater footage.

Bacteria turn into plastic foam easily decomposable

The foam "stubborn" will now become more environmentally friendly, while the Irish scientists use bacteria to break down its circuits, creating an easy-degradable plastics biological.

Recognize the stages of measles

With uncomplicated measles, initial symptoms like flu, can be recognized only when testing oral mucosa with Koplik spots.

Palace of the heroes of Troy

Greek archaeologists have unearthed the remains of an ancient palace associated with Ajax the Great, the legendary warrior which Homer, played an important role in the Trojan War.

More old Himalayan thought

Rich in fossils "roof of the world" narrates that this mountain formed from very ancient times, much earlier than the views of our long, and located along a stormy coastline pants long island disappeared.

Excellent way to help improve the love

Always listening, stop arguing in public, sometimes unexpected small gifts ... given her a way to help couples more emotional sight.

Eclipse swept across the earth

Yesterday, astronomy lovers around the world have had the opportunity to observe waves eclipse totality - the first time since May 11/2003. Eclipse begins at sunrise in Brazil, swept across Africa and Turkey before ending in Mongolia.

Gauge excited

US scientists are developing a "sensor emotions", can measure and indicating your conversation as the listener bored or not.

Cool baby sleep

My baby 15 months, today many children with cough. Sometimes aggressive daytime only, but every night is her nap and the long bouts of coughing up vomiting up milk, porridge eating.