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Secret 'left hand' of sea snails

Snails with shells coil on the left has a large survival advantage, by the enemy to give up in their flesh.

10 rules for using Facebook when you are married

When the whole world is connected through Facebook, your marriage is not longer private. Here are some rules you should refer to marital happiness.

Disagree with the interpretation of Dr. Khai

I do not agree with the explanation of Dr. Nguyen Van Khai concerning cosφ with examples of fluorescent lamps. The only interpretation relevant like when we calculated kVAh rather than kWh.

He also spread the disease to livestock

People can become infected with diseases from animals, such as avian flu. But many people also can make the beloved pet bugs catch danger from his own body.

Recipes reduce wrinkles

Not every new expensive lotion to help reduce wrinkles. In fact, there are some quite surprising but effective that you can not know.

Decoding the electrical activity of sperm

For the first time US scientists capture the electrical activity of a single sperm cell. Technical feat is elucidated the role of a protein important for fertility in men, to be seen as a strategic target for the development of methods of contraception in men.

Genius must ... have disabilities?

Genius is born at random or in a separate rule? This is the big question for scientists. According to one theory, the more people are interested genius a disease often particular and the impact this disease has made them extraordinary abilities.

How to sleep durability marriage revealed

You love to snuggle on your face or enjoy life during sleep facing the wall? You know, the double bed facing each other and hug each other as the happiest couple?

In pictures of the glaciers are melting

Perhaps now need a new name for the glacier, by the "river" but the ice was almost slipping off the face of them. Compare landscape far different between the photos today compared to the early 20th century.

Mouse testis is 'warehouse' stem cells

The testicular cells from mice react like embryonic stem cells, German scientists said on Monday. If this is also true with people, this can be a source of versatile cells for treating diseases without controversial as embryonic stem cells.

Therapy doodle

Does anyone think that only a few scribbles can alleviate stress and activation add the creative brains? But the truth is true.

Fear of infection with HIV when kissing girlfriend

Please ask your doctor 17 days ago I kissed a girl just met online, only just married and not have sex at all.

Animals see the world like?

Mole rat is not necessarily sighted, lynx have very bad eyesight. Dog owners are not visible in the distance of 100 meters. Falcon does not distinguish dogs and wolves. Rabbit also will laugh at the idea that people can suddenly catch it, because it has the market launch to 360 degrees.

Sixth sense may be from within

To feel the position of different parts of the body, sometimes we use to generate these signals from the brain rather than resorting to finger or toe, a recent study revealed.

Young fathers ease depression

Assume new roles and heavy not only easy to make mothers postpartum depression that even fathers also face this risk, especially when still young.