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Ancient coffins reproduce epic Homer

A 2,500 year-old sarcophagus with vivid illustrations taken from excerpts from timeless epics Iliad and Odyssey of Homer recently discovered in eastern Cyprus.

New record on a long neck dinosaur

Scientists have confirmed a new dinosaur with the longest necks subject to date, calculated relative to body length.

8 how to whiten teeth

One of the important elements of the beautiful smile is bright white teeth. Follow some simple ways below to have whiter teeth.

Sexy little birds have avian influenza

The appeal of an animal may be related less to their immunity. In birds fan rag and health are clearly manifested in the white dot on the forehead.

Alphabet with animals

Kjell Sandved photographer sitting on a tree branch in Panama gazing a viper snake. Although very afraid of snakes look, Sandved also alert enough to realize its curled position was shaped like the letter Q.

Return the form to babies with 4 hands 4 feet

Doctors at the Medical Center of Maternal and Child Guangzhou has successfully removed four extra limbs for 10-day-old boy from Huizhou (Guangdong, China).

Chinese technical considerations of fetal sex selection

A senior scientist of China is contemplating the development of technology for sex selection of a child before conception, by selecting sperm - techniques that he says "will only be used to treat genetic diseases "

Electricity Parthenon served as a masterpiece of colors

If the ancient Greeks sold postcards for visitors from 2,000 years ago, they had these beautiful pictures depicting many different angles of the famous historical sites of this.

Decor for apartment 172 m2

Space for families with 4 members in Hanoi carefully calculated so that when two children grew up not change much.

Bornstein 'mystery woman'

What type of seat you like, do the Sunday, what to buy gifts for his friends. Your choices will be revealed about the other half in a dream, the ability to handle your situation.

Engine mechanical work as real authors

The advent of artificial muscles in the laboratory compared healthy 100 times with the truth, a new study suggests. Two kinds of super-strong artificial muscles could turn chemical energy into mechanical energy, causing them to behave like the real thing.

Save area with smart furniture

Put in alcove bed, small desk to desk or turned into furniture style ratings will make your home elegant always neat and tidy.

Laser turns invisible solids

One type of laser beam into a unique solid makes the material becomes almost disappeared. Effect occurs in infrared wavelengths, so can not visually observed.

Children learn their first words like?

Like boys and girls growing up, many children did not pay attention to what parents say. Although we started learning words at 10 months of age, infants tend to grasp the names of objects they like, rather than what people say are important.

How to choose glasses with face

Round face matching butterfly glasses, rimmed rectangular loud. Triangular face should choose cat eye shaped glasses.