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How to manage his money

Just a little attention to the wallet, you can guess what he's like.

Irregular menstrual cycles related to ovarian cancer

Sisters have irregular periods, such as the distance between the 2 red lights any longer than 5 weeks, there may be risk of death from ovarian cancer is higher.

Recipes retention of memory in old age

If you do not believe that he is still lucid when they get old, you'll easily forget everything, including this article. But if you believe, your mind will always be good.

Iran - the center of fashion history

Stylish clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing - all from 5,000 years ago - the new excavations in southeastern Iran.

Measures to overcome the gastric acid reflux

Gastric acidity increases causing acid reflux. Long time if not treated will lead to esophageal cancer.

Typewriter born when?

Typewriter first patent belongs to an Englishman named Henry Mill from 1714, although it has not made a complete way.

Workers in the service sector prone to depression

People whose jobs force them to always smiling and courteous with customers will be prone to depression than others.

Colors and moods of human

Colors have a profound effect on emotions and the human spirit. Each color in the 7 range of white light colors have different effects on the brain and affect human health.

Walls in the office mischief famous

Photos of flowers, vivid cartoon characters on the walls of Google, eBay.

Mysteries of inspiration

Curiously, in life everyone has at least once been told foreboding. Hunch or intuition that is often called the "6th sense" and now there is this problem more scientists interested in studying.

The strange coincidence

An old friend calling you just one minute after you reminisce about him. Or someone brings money to pay in cash when you are needed. In life there are strange things science can not explain reasonably, and is seen as a coincidence.

Treatment side effects when babies after vaccinations

When your baby has a fever vaccination, increasing redness, injection site ulcers, swollen lymph nodes ... whose mothers are baffled as to how, others rub lemon, potatoes covered in stains vaccinated.

Ringing cell phone

Your phone is ringing a love song, a lively rock music or the cries of animals. Ringing of "crickets" will tell you how you are.

Looking fingerprint guess personality

No one similarity in fingerprints, including twins. The fingerprints can tell a lot about the quality, talent and your personality.

Simple Tips to impress her

You want to impress her, but the syndrome "meningitis bag"? Refer to the simple way.