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CO2 levels hit record

The US climate scientists have recorded a surprise increase in CO2 levels in the atmosphere, bringing it to a new record level.

How to make your home more wide

Use a smaller, less detailed, creating continuity between rooms will help more open space.

Back Discovery space shuttle launch postponed

Yesterday, the US space agency NASA announced the Space Shuttle Discovery launch scheduled for May will be pushed back two months ago by a very familiar problem: a malfunction of the fuel tank.

What a woman needs a husband?

The key to happiness for women is the emotional commitment of a husband. A survey of 5,000 couples in the US have shown that.

6 simple action helps stable marriages

Respect your partner, know how to forgive, spend time with family ... are simply but extremely effectively help you preserve marriage.

The smell of the first bank in China

Smell - a unique characteristic of humans contain similar information such as fingerprints - has been adopted in many criminal investigations today. Also for that reason, a bank first smell was born in China.

Frog emits ultrasonic cries

A rare Chinese frog has entered the record books when becoming the first amphibian known to have the ability to communicate using ultrasound.

10 signs that you are ready to marry

Your friends are already in pairs, and you think this is the time to settle down. Do not exceed the pressure, do you really want to marry this person?

Americans happier?

In the US, churchgoers who looked happier than people who are lazy to do it, the rich and the poor happier noteworthy are happy Republicans than Democrats.

Two students made remote control aircraft

Vu Ngoc Anh two students and Pham Dinh Chi, a graduate in aeronautical engineering Polytechnic University - Ho Chi Minh City National University, has designed, manufactured and tested successfully fly planes with key remote control load 10 kg.

So beautiful without makeup

Not women who also own skin smooth and healthy. Here are some tips to look beautiful girl without makeup.

Aged antiques measured by fluorescence thermometers

Determine the exact age of the artifacts is not a simple task. Now, a new tool of materials science Institute of Nha Trang can help scientists more easily in this work.

Knowledge is the original resources of each State

You Vo Van Su has good example about not so vague the concept of "leapfrog". Indeed so. I have a different reality as an example.

Garden villa for 3 generations

The villa is located on an area of ​​600 m2, 3 floors, 1 mezzanine, 1 cellar, 1 attic for 3-generation families in HCMC. Housing construction yet, be the architect Ngo Luc design with 3D perspective.

Dinosaur fossil feathers rewrite history

An intact fossil of a 150 million year old dinosaur recently discovered in southern Germany has led scientists to rethink about the birth and growth of feathers.