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'Father' of Dolly only as 'stepfather'

The man whose name emerged as the alcohol after the birth of the first cloned creature in the world - Dolly - admitted yesterday he was not the author of this scientific breakthrough.

Hazardous energy drink

Caffeinated energy drink diuretic, so if you drink water before exercise should be careful because that can cause dehydration.

Creature back from the dead after 11 million years

A rodent species looks after newly discovered varieties in Laos. It is individual survivors of a group of extinct about 11 million years ago, according to fossil records.

Michelangelo's paintings re missing?

A famous example of Michelangelo's masterpiece could have settled for centuries hidden inside the walls of a local church in the Tuscan, near Florence, Italy.

Mars probe to destination

Ship Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter NASA has survived a crucial period in its mission after catching elliptical orbit around the red planet.

The secrets of 'little boy'

"Penis," the boys "volunteers" in the early morning due to testosterone levels peak in the morning, making it unusually refreshed.

Detection ant swim

Scientists in North Queensland have discovered a new ant species, thought to be the only species able to live, swimming and underwater navigation.

Male group O less recurrent prostate cancer

Male patients with type O blood are less likely to develop cancer of prostate back while facing the risk of blood A higher to 35%.

Are you successful in your career?

Answering the questions of the following quiz will help you decide which part he should change attitudes in the workplace or not.

Renewable fauna Human century

Some Russian and American scientists are planning to reconstruct the ecosystems in which mammoths disappeared from Earth more than 10,000 years ago. These projects will directly impact on the biodiversity and reduce the greenhouse effect.

Feng Shui for the narrow

Living in a small space does not mean to ignore creative design or feng shui.

Secret basements of Jews in Israel

The underground sewer is used during the Jewish revolt against the Romans nearly 2,000 years ago in northern New Israel revealed.

Countries that appear on the earth like?

Water exists everywhere and every day we need a huge amount of water. However, "the foundation of life," this came from, so far has not been a clear understanding.

Townhouses with rustic style furniture

Rustic style furniture helps create an impression of space, offering relaxing, soothing.

For a dreamless sleep

Whether you seek to dismiss these worries before bedtime may backfire. An Australian study found that trying to eliminate such uncomfortable thoughts about money or relationship problems, can lead to dreaming and nightmares.