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The miracle for women 2050

These wrinkles will no longer hated, round 1 will be greater or never would have thought about the obnoxious fat pockets ... 50 years, women who may be living with a life expectancy of 120 to 150 male.

Feng Shui for the type of apartment

You should choose a home with space and entrance to the bright, cloudless, planted many trees.

New anti-snoring techniques

For some people, snoring is not a joke. Therefore, the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Southern California (USC) have developed a serious solution to this problem.

Glows when thirsty trees

Some people like to talk to plants. Now the students of Singapore Polytechnic say they have created a species of tree can communicate with people - by glowing when you need water.

Do when he lost form the room

Read to him the text fields simulate your secret desire, encouraged him along the experiment. It is subtly guided him.

Goddess Sekhmet 'basking' in Egypt

A team of Egyptian and German archaeologists have unearthed six statues war goddess Sekhmet carries the lion head shape, in the restoration of an ancient temple city of Luxor.

Mugs love abolish distance

Researchers recently arose a unique idea to help the young couple apart always feel the same. It was a pair of high-tech glass mug will warm glow every time they hold the cup up.

Signs you lack vitamin A

Vitamin A is indispensable in promoting good vision, immune system function and even ensure reproductive health (especially in women).

Detecting Buddhist manuscripts oldest

Australian scientists have discovered what they believe is the work of Buddhist literature were first known.

12 surprises of the human body

Do you think the activities of all parts of the body are controlled by signals from the brain and spinal cord? This is not true with the heart. Tim can hit without any signal from the commanding two bodies, even when taken out of the body.

5 types of women attract men

Yes she did not excel in beauty, but found problems that men list attractive. Maybe because they own one of the following.

Persons 40 years of age enjoy the most lonely

More than 1/3 of adults identify themselves as lonely, in which people aged 40 are more solitary.

Those who go on all fours

5 siblings Turks traveling by crawling on all fours might give scientists new insight into the evolution of mankind.

Drink plenty of antibiotics she still could not cough

My daughter is 2 years old. Recently, grandchildren or special runny nose, cough and then together. I gave you antibiotics several times but I'm still not completely healed wheezing.

High-tech fabrics eliminate toxins

New fabrics can kill bacteria and decompose toxic chemicals while still allowing the skin to "breathe" can comfortably be ready for field testing within 2 years.