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Advertising has ever?

According to the documents are recorded, the father of advertising is a form of ancient Egypt. He pasted the notice on the wall first Thebes circa 3000 BC.

7 things men often change after getting married

There are some positive changes, as well as several other wives confused.

Japan production of gasoline from cattle dung

Scientists in resource-poor country of Japan yesterday announced they had found a new source of gasoline - cattle dung.

Why the need to have sex?

Scientists have long wondered why the species so preoccupied with sex. Why not just a bunch of self-replication children themselves, like the type of asexual reproduction.

Family love her boyfriend because she was banned western girl

Parents boyfriend restrictions, saying the West as children who are not legitimate, the woman said her daughter, only to go to work marketing the beer girls, massage ...

Why do we see colors?

Primates develop their ability to see color not to seek berry delicious fruit, but to discover a meaningful definition blush on "buttock" enemy.

Do you understand women?

Before saying yes or no, try answering the following suggestive. And you will find that you have to understand women or not, and to understand to what extent.

Things to note when the baby vaccinations

The attention will help parents learn how to care for your baby before, after injection, as well as limiting unwanted side effects.

Strange memory of hummingbirds

Although the brain is only the size of a grain of rice, but hummingbirds have superb memories when looking for food, a new study has revealed.

Ancient Egyptians are keen seafarers

Excavations an ancient shipyard of Egypt have revealed traces of the oldest boats in the world. Detection demonstrates the ancient Egyptians were very advanced technology in shipbuilding.

Successful vaginal implants for women suffering from rare diseases

4 girls do not have or have had abnormal vaginal normal relations after the scientists designed and implanted artificial vagina from their own stem cells.

Loch Ness monster might be an elephant

Nessie, or the Loch Ness monster, is in fact an elephant - a Scottish archaeologist claims to have deciphered the mystery surrounding the unexplained image of a monster in a lake near Glasgow in Scotland.

Italy she wanted to say?

Women are very confusing and difficult to understand! It is generally acknowledged by no less eyebrow whiskers - especially in front of the words "complexity" of her. However, you will support the embarrassing part decipher the subtext of her through the following words.

Running too much can cause early death

Those who run too much with age shorter than those who regularly run not excessive.

VN produced successful artificial bone

Faculty of Chemical Technology Hanoi University of Technology was able to produce artificial bone glass ceramic biomedical implants used permanently, replacing bone in orthopedic medicine. This material has a strength equivalent to human bone.