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Great benefits of carrots

All vegetables are helpful, but the carrot is more amazing because there are many reasons to eat them every day.

Generator tubes ... fire

An invention is sponsored by the US Navy has described a simple way to generate electricity in an emergency or to maintain contact after a disaster. This solution without the use of bulky generators or heavy batteries.

Seabed exploration through 3D images

An experimental documentary 3D images under the seabed about to be screened. The film will help the audience sitting in the theater to see the sea creatures as if they are wearing diving.

How to love him or her computer

My 6-year-old baby home enjoyed watching the computer. Home, if parents do not notice the computer pulls the open, playing games.

Make 'artificial skin' from silk yarn

China, which has a long history of using silk, recently developed a new application for this material. Scientists Zhejiang Province silk used to make a kind of "artificial skin" capable of curing skin lesions and reduce scarring.

Traces of ancient agriculture in the Andes

Archaeologists have discovered evidence of the oldest agriculture in the Andes. Findings suggest that ancient Peruvians ate corn planted and 4,000 years ago - a millennium earlier than previously thought.

Facebook cause inferiority of stature

Women spend more time on social networking site Facebook often feel increasingly shaped body worse.

In pictures of the photographers 2005

JP lauquen the winner of the photography contest 2005 with captivating photos of this person. Please introduce some of the work that he has gathered on life underwater theme.

'Ke largest predatory' dinosaur rewrite history

Dinosaur era ended millions of years, but the archaeologists are still trying to grasp the enormous diversity of them. The report published last month formally recognized dinosaur Spinosaurus is the largest carnivorous known science.

Folk remedies for cough for children effectively

Rice water mixture and lettuce, lemon basil leaves, cactus, green blueberries, tea, licorice, white roses, shallot leaves are distilled sugar candy or folk medicine to mothers treated for cough their children.

Found new organs in mice

After centuries of scrutiny of laboratory mice, people kept wondering if the scientists were aware of their bodies, such as palm. Think again, because German researchers have discovered that a completely new organs.

Discovered a new shark species

A Mexican marine biologist has discovered a new shark species in the murky waters of the Sea of ​​Cortez dark, Mexico. This is the first shark species found in this diversity-rich region since 34 years.

The secret to beautiful skin

People with fair skin always stay away from alcohol and tobacco because they will accelerate the aging process, making skin look older than my real age.

Ground telescopes will be 'useless' in 2050

The astronomical observatory will probably lose ground effect within 40 years due to the pollution of air and flue gas climate change, an expert said.

Women have fewer children as high as

Women are higher the lower the maternal instinct, the British scientists concluded. Their study confirmed the tall girls more successful in their careers but less to worry about birth than girls average stature.