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The cast of 'Run Project' after 10 years

"Run Project" of the series "Criminal Police" aired in 2006, adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Nguyen Nhu Phong Vu Hong Son by the director.

Favorite dress revealing a woman's personality

You like to be featured in the happy or enthusiastic, optimistic in life.

Watching television makes kids learn more than 3 hours less

Watching television more than three hours a day will make the child can not develop social skills as well as physically, reduced language skills and mathematics.

Reproductive hormones decline as men to have children

Results from a recent study showed that having a child is not only changing the mother's sex hormone but also the hormone decline of the father.

Helpful tips for families with young children

Only the very small changes in the family, but it can help parents and children happy leisurely, much safer.

The secret to healthy during cold season

Nasal wash, enhanced vitamin C, used mushrooms, ginger and seasonal foods ... are simple ways you can do to help strengthen your body against disease.

Slip a condom when love afraid of HIV

I have sex with prostitutes and condoms slip. I do not remember is slipping at one time or drawn relationship because I drunk too.

Furniture from leather belts

Do not give your belts like that no longer use them as seats, carpet, shelves, vases ...

6 signs you're in love with a nice guy

A good man will always love the real and natural personality and not because your outer beauty.

Pumpkin seeds remedy for many ills

Pumpkin seeds contain anti stress, reduce anxiety, antimicrobial and even prevent cancer.

Variable window to 'eye' home beautifully

When designing windows for any public space, architect always aim for the top air flow. Especially for housing, should not do windows too much or too little because it would cause imbalance of air in homes.

Toilet world's most sophisticated

Located within single white temple in Thailand, 2-storey blocks that visitors gorgeous surprised to learn this is the toilets.

Boys born from brain-dead mother

Dylan Benson happy fathers welcome sons born after weeks of maintaining plant life for brain death when his wife was pregnant. But this is also the time he faced the pain permanently lost his wife.

9 magical power of the human body

Bone and joint pains can forecast the weather, the eyes are "warning devices" when your body is too cold, the vagina of women may begin before brain signals.

Super compact furniture for small houses

With creativity, the designers have created the furniture, folding beds very neat, creating more space for families.