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These actions will ruin your life

Focusing too much on what you do not have will only cost you time, effort and money.

The feng shui note for windows

Windows are the eyes of the house, window decoration feng shui will bring vitality, energy and freshness to the house.

6 ways to win an argument with him

Life would be so happy if we can win every argument with her husband, but the reality is not always the case.

Shining sun temple in Cairo

Archaeologists have discovered a sun temple with large statues of the king is said to Ramses II, located beneath the bustling market in Cairo, Egypt.

8 tips for a long and curved eyelashes more

Before going to bed, brush your eyelashes with royal jelly as a mascara. Roll the chilled unsweetened green tea is also good for eyelashes.

Love test status

By itself answer the following multiple-choice, you will know the true state of your current love so that helps you know how to evoke the fire of love in his own house.

Qualities of a great mother

The personality of the child depends on love, teaching and care of the mother. That's why you should keep in mind the qualities of the perfect mother.

Quiz your style

Birthday of my best friends to come. You will appear back and bring out what gift? The way you dress and prepare gift will reveal a lot about the personality.

The interesting thing about cats

At night when the cat chasing the mouse around the room, we did not hear his footsteps, nor hear when the cat jumped down from above. Why?

Walls covered with bookcases

Instead of using a locker to leave, you can use the cost-mounted directly on the wall to save more area.

Why animals in zoos difficult birth?

Since the animals were born to live in a natural environment and vast variety of colors. When you put them in zoos, though a very good living conditions, there is nothing dangerous, but they do not adapt, thereby affecting fertility.

3-dimensional imaging laser sky

The night sky will one day lit by 3-dimensional image advertising giant, thanks to a new laser techniques to create Japan's shining image in the air.

Layout principles of feng shui staircase

Do not put the stairs in the center of the house, avoid the toilets in building stairs or steps have to open.

Giant squid on display in London

One of the largest squid ever intact and was found to appear in public at the Natural History Museum London, England.

Memory of how you work?

Who does not want to have a good memory. The trick is in knowing mounted remembering to acquire your way. Discover your brain works and how to make your memory better.