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Why pet baby

Pets can teach children many skills in life, help them be responsible, self-confident ..., and also a great friend of the baby.

Blood test for early detection of cancer

Scientists have found methods and simple blood tests can rapidly detect cancer early.

The reason he stop loving you

Like women, men prefer privacy, hate and binding framework for their future.

10 bad habits make you pay dearly

We all went crazy when encountering the drivers are reckless driving on the road. Meanwhile angry does not solve anything, but also increase the pressure on your heart.

Arranging the living room under the stairs

Also taking advantage of the stairs as storage space, work desk, you can turn the area into a living place.

Add a laboratory of international standard in Vietnam

Microbiological Laboratory at Children's Hospital 2 (HCMC) is recognized as meeting international standards on the morning of 8/4.

Baby go outside several times have been cut by the gut

My son is 2.5 months. At newborn children (51 hours), then discovered intestinal blockage and the doctors decided to cut a portion of her bowel.

Variable dry wood into a useful map

You can manufacture pieces of wood scraps, twigs left the rack, decorated tree unique.

60 m2 house of a young couple with a dog

No purchase more expensive items, the whereabouts of Eva and Jason Hume (Oregon, USA) was very cozy. Porch and large yard with enough room for the dogs love.

Husband and wife lost their virginity guests 'love' not bloody

Love each other for 3 years, we have sex but the strange thing is I'm not bleeding as they say is the first time to have relations of blood.

Relations can not be a disease

When relationship with a girlfriend, I can not give "small boy" to "she" was. I have the disease do not? (Brother)

These simple techniques to become the ideal lover

Give meaningful gifts, remembering anniversaries, always ready to help, for him freedom ... is a way to help you score points and become a great girlfriend.

For ex husband still to photo

I married for over a year. I knew before coming to his children goodbye each other a daughter. She has betrayed my husband.

9 things more important than money

If you own at least one of the following values, you have the richest man in the world ...

Men and fear of ejaculating blood

Blood ejaculation is defined as blood in the semen. Can not see a bit ominous when blood in the semen after ejaculation, but cause anxiety for people.