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Carrot juice possible but do not overdo

Carrot juice is called "the king of juices" for practical health benefits. But should not overdo the drink.

The restaurant decorated with 200 doors

Walls and ceiling of the restaurant Bon (Bucharest, Romania) made from the door, the window of the old house.

Capos loggers become elders

Lam Van SIT name a surprising the whole village Thanh Hiep, Thanh Tan commune, Tay Ninh town, about the destructive playboy and deforestation.

Home warm yellow tones for homeowners par Kim

Gold is the color of birth, wealth to homeowners par Kim (born Kim Hoang Tho), bring joy, good luck to the family.

5 easy ways to transplant the room small apartment

You can work in the bedroom, dining room or kitchen table arranged adjacent living room.

Abuse smartphone can cause blindness

Exposure to blue light purple too much can increase the risk of macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness.

Useless antibacterial soap for washing hands too hastily us

Antibacterial soap meaningless because most people are used improperly, a new study says.

There are two college degrees still follow traditional silversmith craft

Graduated from Faculty of Law and Business Administration from the University of National Economics, Tuan Anh decided to follow his father's career as a silver artisan Quach Van Truong.

7 things he likes in her grotesque

Some studies show that there are many things to be weird that she again found him very attractive.

Survived despite blade lodged in his neck

Tree trimming worker in America is slowly recovering in hospital after horror crash that saw blade lodged in his neck while working.

I want to hear without a hit

My almost 3 year old child. Baby very good previous attacks and fear. What is often heard mother say now, or do the wrong baby mother just a rod (not yet rated) is profusely apologized arms crossed.

Circumcision favor boys

Circumcision in boys bring a lot of health benefits, should be strictly implemented vaccination as the vaccine for children.

The two sides are not testicles

Kids 25 years old this year. I have two testicles inside irregular, heavier and left to right. Sometimes I have the feeling of pain shock at "the boy". Looking forward to consulting your doctor. (Fresh).

'Penis' long but quickly faded outline

When relations, I have excitement but "small boy" Platform for a long time, just as faded out immediately. Please ask my question is how can the doctor do not? (Right).

7 items should only renting instead of buying new

Drills, map evening, expensive toys ... are things seldom use. Therefore you should hire when in need instead of buying to take corners and cabinets.