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Stress increases the risk of infertility double

According to a newly published study, women with stress and emotions will reduce fertility by 29% and doubled the risk of infertility.

Class of women to her office

9 children, 8 grandchildren, she Nhoan (Phuoc My commune, Phuoc Son, Quang Nam) still passionate literacy. She also told the two girls were married to the same class.

Things women often lie

When asked something personal, women often lie. Some of the topics you are not telling the truth as age, breast size, the romance.

Fried foods increase the risk of amnesia

If you feel fear Alzheimer's disease (forgetfulness of old age) then quit fried or baked foods go offline.

Unique variations white house

Simply maneuver the details furnished in white space will bring you the luxury space, pure.

Recipes to help you seduce every girl dating

Everyone wants to shine in each of the dating, but to look sexy, it is necessary to learn. Refer to the following recipes and he will not be able to take my eyes off you.

Eating salty causes the body to age faster

Overweight teens eat too much salty food can get old faster, according to a new study in the US.

Girlfriend what to expect in the future husband

All girls are dreaming of an ideal husband, treated well and loved her unconditionally. More importantly, he also intimates with her and go to the end of the road.

10 foods that cause acne

Habits and diet every day can cause acne. According to Mag For Women, to avoid acne should be careful when eating the following foods:

Health benefits of beets

One of the main benefits of beet juice is the ability to treat urinary tract infections and prevent kidney infections.

Self-contained apartments in the area of ​​12 m2

When determine what you need in a home, too narrow area will no longer be a barrier to you.

9 note workplace feng shui

Do not sit directly opposite the great wall; Should rooster statue or use white light ... the note to help you boost your career.

Bo's husband suggested I disengage him

Kids 28 years old, married for 4 years and have a daughter. The first time I am very happy couple, but over a year ago I discovered her husband romantic relationship with the girl to his agency practice (she is about looks poor children).

Handmaid share a computer with their parents

Cu Ti Grade 2 his house was familiar technologies already. Baby's parents insisted on buying for personal computers, but his wife did not indulge certain.

There are entitled to maternity insurance as the company debt

I make limited company from 2011 until now. Over 1 year, company social insurance arrears. Currently, she is four months pregnant but has no health insurance. So how do you to fully enjoy maternity? (Linh Nguyen)