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Impressive moments in Oscar 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio, Alicia Vikander first time received the Oscar, or Lady Gaga ran barefoot dancing on stage ... is the unforgettable picture at the 88th awards ceremony.

Beauty crown was given wrong with Vin Diesel movie

Ariadna Gutierrez - 1st runner Miss Universe 2015 - will play a small role in "xXx: The Return of Xander Cage".

Inside the studio blockbuster 'King Kong' in Ninh Binh

Nearly 400 members Vietnam and the US coordinated, professionally in studios located in isolated valleys, surrounded by mountains and rivers Chang'an.

12 movie theaters in March Vietnam

Film "Waist 56" Ngoc Trinh's confrontation with two box office blockbuster "Kung Fu Panda 3" and "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice" this month.

Hoai Linh disabilities injured woman in new film

Two comedians shelve the stage to play a psychological drama of family love - "Sunny".

Why film 'Spotlight' in Oscar winner

Analysts said that the work won "The Revenant" because to tell the story with the weight and related to a group of real heroes.

Donnie buy insurance before Mike Tyson fighting for

Action star recounts concerns when play "Ip Man 3" with famous boxer boxing.

Huy Khanh Hoa confrontational attitude in thriller

The two actors who play father and son with the stress clash when two services represent good character, the evil of the film "Circle of sin".

Thuy Tien debut renamed to 'My wife ... Where are you?'

The singer moved the project name from her first movie, "Mission: 3 Ignore" to the new name suggested by fans.

Inside the studio of Angelina Jolie in Cambodia

Brad Pitt's wife has just completed the final scene in the film which she directed, filmed in "country temples".

You wade Binh Minh Hang piggyback forest road

Actor piggyback Minh Hang than 1 km forest road when she suddenly stomach pain when filming in Di Linh, Lam Dong.

That day - now cast film 'Ocean Girl'

Marzena Godecki fashion business, David Hoflin active in television, directing Jeffrey Walker Lauren Hewett while a fitness trainer.

King Kong 83 years 'evolution' in the context of the film prior to VN

Born on the silver screen in 1933 in the movie, King Kong is one of the symbolic beast of cinema history.

Actress 'mother cowpea' after nearly 20 years

Actors who play doctors coconut oil and Huong are give up acting, but Cong Ninh Thuy Hanh became famous in many TV series.

Leo DiCaprio plays doctor mass killing women

The next character of the Oscar-winning actor "outstanding actor" obsessed promising causing much of his previous roles.