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Mother daughter photography infected Down

Emer Gillespie Irish photographer, who lives in Brighton, England. In 2008, when he realized capital Laoisha sick daughter has Down special pleasure with the camera, Emer took many photos for more children.

The magic of live born baby girl weighs 400g

Although born prematurely and weighed only 3 months but 0.4 kg baby Lucia Sainsbury (UK) has risen strongly and healthy lives after a year of birth.

8 things to help girls become more attractive

If you really can listen instead of talking constantly, you will impressed with any man.

Torn between two girls

I know US 3 years ago, but because of her playboy so I took the initiative to break up. She was very distressed.

Modern furniture for luxury apartments

Interior layout should calculate that take advantage of apartment, optimal exploitation of utilities, ensuring comfort, spacious and luxurious.

There should be 'self-treatment' when married

Many single people use masturbation way to solve physiological needs. But once married, whether to continue?

Family stress of buying iPads for children

9-year-old nephew to my house, she originally demanded parents buy computers. My husband because I also want to buy the afternoon, but I was determined not to.

The breast cancer-causing chemicals in cosmetics

Aluminum in deodorant under his arm, is the cause of breast cancer due to direct contact with the nearest region.

Beautiful new kitchen only by a few changes

Only by repainting the walls, kitchen cabinets and buy a few small items, Alison Allen's kitchen has been completely changed.

10 how to make prettier girlfriend without costly

Spending huge sums to beauty is not easy for many people. So learn about 10 ways to make more beautiful girlfriend without costly below:

The note when placing mirrors in the house

Mirror is one of the exquisite decorative objects for every home. However, placing a mirror to attract vitality into the air and avoid the negative source is not easy.

Invention help disabled children to walk normally

A mother has invented a special kind of standing frame helps son with cerebral palsy can go back to normal, rather than sticking to a wheelchair all day.

Experience teaches twins

I have 2 year old twin girls 2.5. The children are very alert, active and inquisitive, he is at home with her. Although grandparents, parents were strict but taught the whole family sometimes "cry smile," because of the way she reacted.

Women masturbation affect whether fertility

Let me ask the masturbation can affect later life? Every time watching movies with scenes of masturbation, "she" of the children are "ejaculation" and then you back "take a selfie".

Retiring are entitled to unemployment

I was a limited company to participate in the unemployment insurance since 2009. However, at present the company is still owed mandatory premiums.