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Morning habits harmful to health

Breakfast should be eaten enough food, avoid eating too little irritated stomach do not get enough of fast food makes you hungrier.

Strange world of the tiny insects

Live roaming in the pores on the face, on fur coats (the more expensive types of fur as well) or somewhere a little bloodsucker who wait, someday these little bugs can pay "lower down "man.

Quizzes body parts

You use your eyes to see, ears to hear and muscles to lift heavy objects. Rightfully so, but the reality of human body parts a lot more complicated than that. Try to test your knowledge about your body functions.

Slim does not necessarily nonfat

Appearance is not necessarily to say that this is in your body. Doctors said the fat inside the wrap around parts such as the heart, liver or pancreas - invisible to the naked eye - the danger is no less visible outer layer of fat just under the skin.

Lifestyle changes help prevent pancreatic cancer

Not smoking, maintaining physical activity, eat less red meat ... are positive measures to protect you from pancreatic cancer.

Mexico zoo tiger busy since the advent of mass

The care worker at a zoo in Mexico is running around with a bottle after 4 great mother of the family cat gave birth to 9 children within two months, including a rare white tiger.

Botox helps prevent sweating

You embarrassed the sweat stains on clothes? If anti-perspirant is not effective, then botox may be a new solution for you this summer.

Heavy sweating underlying illness

I am 28 years old, suffering from sweating, fast working time very tired, uncomfortable, have much influence on health or disease? Treatment like? (Read)

Milk takes the smell when near fluorescent lighting

Your milk an unpleasant smell? That's because light milk at the supermarket counter. Milk poppers translucent fluorescent lighting is a few centimeters will emit odor oxidation within 2-4 hours and an unpleasant odor within 12 hours, Professor Robert Marshall at the University of Missouri, USA, said .

Revealing why the single girl

You still single, although very desirable in pairs? You find yourself among friends singled out just because being alone? Here are some reasons why you in that situation.

Plants have sex it?

Except for a "bread-pay", the fun quick overnight and many other complex life, the plant also have sex altogether.

Do not be too confident sunscreen

US experts recommend do not consider sunscreen as the leading measure against ultraviolet rays. Instead, wear sunscreen or better to stay away from bright sunlight of the sun.

How to float on your back on the water

I already know how to swim but how can not set well back on the water. Who can look back on the water carefree relaxation are very eager. How can you do this? (Virtue)

Secrets of instinct 'doctor' of animals

Hugo chimpanzee picking leaves and rough edges of the tree Aspilia. He carefully folded leaf into his mouth and tried to swallow and he looked miserable like taking bitter medicine. Indeed, this is bleach intestinal parasites of Hugo.

Mule deer - mother of five

Honors best mother animal kingdom probably belonged to the mother mule deer, with small children we look after all of the other species.